forklift clamps

If you own a business that uses forklifts daily, then you’re probably already familiar with how they work. However, if you need to handle specific materials like hay, paper rolls, or others, a forklift clamp attachment can help you do so with greater ease and efficiency. A forklift clamp is a perfect solution if you’re looking to move a variety of materials. Barclay Brand Ferdon is here to discuss what forklift clamps are, the different types of clamps, and what materials they can handle.

How to Use Forklift Clamps

From round loads to cartons, forklift attachments allow operators to handle uniquely shaped products safely. A forklift clamp is an attachment that’s fastened to the mast of a forklift. These clamps are usually put in the place of a traditional fork attachment. There are several types of forklift clamps available for you to choose from, and each one is designed to handle specific materials with care. The type of clamp you need will vary from business to business, so make sure to consult with local experts before purchasing.

Different Types of Forklift Clamps

Depending on the material, there are many forklift clamp options designed for different purposes. The most common forklift clamps used by businesses include:

  • Fork clamps: This type of clamp is used to handle awkwardly shaped loads like tires. Fork clamps make it easier and safer to move materials that are typically hard to manage.
  • Bale clamps: A bale clamp can handle just about any material that doesn’t use pallets, such as hay, cotton, or wool.
  • Appliance/carton clamps: Appliance or carton clamps are often used to handle packaged shipments containing vegetables, wine, or other palletless materials. This type of clamp is designed to move these products safely.
  • Paper roll clamps: Forklift paper clamps are ideal for businesses that need to transport paper rolls. With a round shape and smooth design, it can be easy for paper rolls to fall during transport. Paper roll clamps help ensure that you can move paper rolls with greater ease.
  • Concrete block clamp: This type of clamp is used to securely transport concrete blocks or bricks without damaging or breaking the product. Concrete block clamps are designed with softer elements to provide cushioning for additional protection.

Before purchasing a forklift clamp, it’s beneficial to know what kind of clamp will be right for your business. Using the advice of a professional, you can get exactly the kind of clamp you need before finalizing your purchase.

Get Forklift Clamps and Other Accessories from Barclay Brand Ferdon

If you’re looking for attachments that will give you the ability to move a variety of materials and enhance the flexibility of your equipment, a forklift clamp is an ideal choice. Serving businesses in NY and NJ, Barclay Brand Ferdon provides new and used forklifts, as well as additional accessories that help businesses get the job done. Our team of high-skilled professionals is here to assist you with everything from selecting the right attachment to forklift maintenance services. Feel free to contact us today for more information.