Your productivity, cost-effectiveness and worker safety are all dependent on your material handling fleet.  

Keep it running efficiently with batteries and power solutions from Barclay Brand Ferdon. Based in South Plainfield, New Jersey, we offer forklift batteries and charging equipment to warehouses, manufacturers and distribution facilities in north NJ and select areas of New York. With the right motive power solutions, you’ll gain a competitive advantage that keeps you a step ahead.

Electric Forklift Batteries & Equipment

The Evolution of Forklift Power

While forklifts once relied on gas or liquid propane to fuel internal combustion engines, modern equipment provides the same performance with batteries, offering a wide array of technologies to power your fleet. Many organizations look to their equipment to improve operations and efficiency, yet battery power also plays an important role, allowing you to:

  • Handle more product
  • Optimize equipment use
  • Improve labor efficiency
  • Cut costs
  • And more

With these goals in mind, material handling power technology is constantly evolving, growing more complex, and providing businesses with the advanced solutions they require.

Our Forklift Battery Inventory In New Jersey

For facilities looking for better efficiency, we offer a range of power options from top technology companies, including Enersys and other leaders in battery innovation. Our stock supports a wide range of warehouse and material handling vehicles, including:

  • Electric forklifts
  • Electric reach trucks
  • Electric pallet jacks

From indoor operations to outdoor facilities and a host of location-specific demands, we offer the forklift batteries and charging technology needed to keep you up and running.

EnerSys® Forklift Batteries

EnerSys has been one of the market’s leading forklift battery manufacturers for decades. Barclay is proud to partner with EnerSys to offer New Jersey’s most comprehensive battery selection, including the entire NexSys® product line. EnerSys builds these products to the industry’s highest design, manufacturing and safety standards, offering one of the market’s most reliable power solutions. 

These batteries work well for various forklift models across an extensive application range and offer minimal maintenance to cut downtime and increase production. Many of these products also contain integrated device management controls to provide increased safety and dependability.


Forklift Battery Technologies

Today’s businesses have more motive power choices than ever before, making it important to understand available battery technologies and choose the best options for your fleet. These include:

  • Lead-Acid Batteries – The original choice in forklift batteries, lead-acid batteries deliver plenty of power while eliminating the noise, pollution, and vibrations associated with internal combustion engines.
  • NexSys Thin Plate Batteries – These forklift batteries offer fast charging with no need for watering or exposure to dangerous acids. They also provide a long useful life with resistance to extreme shocks and vibrations.
  • Lithium-Ion Batteries – With the same technology that powers your essential devices, lithium-ion batteries offer extended operation with little need for maintenance. They also support opportunity charging, making them ideal for facilities that operate around the clock.
  • Hydrogen Fuel Cells – When there’s little time to refuel, hydrogen fuel cells are a great choice. They offer a compact design and consistent performance for three-shift facilities.
    Charging technology is just as important as the batteries you choose. Barclay Brand Ferdon offers a variety of chargers to keep your batteries powered, including:
  • High-Frequency Charging: Cut charge times by up to 20% without sacrificing performance.
  • Express Fast Charging: Well-accepted and proven successful, Express Fast Charging technology helps achieve zero battery changes.

Our experienced team will work with you to explain available options and help you find the best forklift batteries and charging solutions for your fleet, ensuring you get the power and performance your operation demands.

Battery Safety

Although many of our power solutions are among the safest in the industry — including products from EnerSys — it’s critical to take precautions when charging and maintaining them. Implementing a safety program for battery care goes a long way in protecting your employees and equipment investments. Some tips for maximizing safety during charging include:

  • Maintaining a dedicated battery room: One of the most vital steps in battery safety is having a designated space for charging batteries away from heavy traffic. These areas require the appropriate ventilation to help gas dissipate and prevent explosions. Your battery room should also be free from excessive heat, static, sparks and open flames.
  • Preparing essential tools and supplies: Placing signs and instructions around your battery-charging area can help reinforce proper handling and safety procedures. Managers should also equip charging stations with the necessary safety tools and equipment, including wash stations, spill kits, gas detectors, neutralizing materials and a first aid kit. It’s also vital to keep the proper type of fire extinguisher on hand. 

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