If you are in need of Explosion Proof (EX) Forklifts for use in explosive and hazardous environments, go with the global experts in explosion proof solutions - Excalibur Miretti.

Explosion Proof (EX) Forklifts are serious business and you can be secure knowing that our equipment is certified by Internationally Recognized Testing Laboratories that require conformity to the most exacting standards. Barclay is proud to offer a complete line of Excalibur Miretti Explosion Proof (EX) Forklifts to meet our customers’ application needs.

Types of Explosion Proof Forklifts We Offer in New Jersey

Industrial facilities with flammable or other volatile materials require specialized material handling equipment to decrease the risks of explosions and open fires. Explosion-proof equipment offers features rated to control static, temperature and other factors that can potentially cause dangerous explosions. This equipment must meet strict design and structural requirements to earn EX status for use in hazardous settings with flammable vapors, gasses, dust and other particles.

Since 1973, the Miretti Group has been a global leader in the explosion-proof protection of material handling equipment and other industrial devices. Miretti has partnered with Barclay to offer a comprehensive line of EX material handling equipment, including pedestrian-operated, rider-counterbalanced, sit-down rider and narrow-isle forklifts.

Specific examples of the explosion proof forklift models we offer include:

explosion proof forklift

Large Capacity For Sit Down Rider EX Forklift

With the ability to load from 4,000 to 8,000 pounds, the four-wheel rider sit-down counterbalanced EX forklifts have a zero turn radius and lifting heights of up to 241 inches, making them maneuverable in your narrow aisle and VNA applications. Designed for heavy-duty jobs, these EX forklifts are ergonomically designed for operator comfort and to boost productivity.

explosion proof narrow aisle forklift

Reach Explosion Proof Forklift

With load capacities of 3,000 to 4,500 pounds, the stand-on, straddle stacker EX reach truck can lift as high as 212 inches. Equipped with easy view, these EX reach trucks are specifically good at high-density storage. Designed for your warehouse challenges, the EX reach truck is a great addition to your narrow aisle and very narrow aisle (VNA) applications.

explosion proof walkie stacker

Walkie Stacker Explosion Proof Forklift

Pedestrian-operated Excalibur Miretti EX walkie stackers are designed for narrow aisle and VNA challenges. Offered in 3,000 to 4,000-pound capacities, the EX walkie stackers have a lift height of up to 186 inches. With the ability to fit into most elevators and transport to different floors, the EX walkie stacker will boost productivity and efficiency with its ergonomically designed features.

explosion proof forklift

Walkie Pallet Explosion Proof Forklift

Pedestrian-operated, Excalibur Miretti EX walkie pallets are rugged and durable workhorses in applications requiring a load capacity of 4,500 pounds. Whether your operations need pallet transport, material supplies or moving product from dock to stock and back, the EX walkie pallets are ergonomically designed to optimize productivity and efficiency.

Facilities That Can Benefit From EX Forklifts in New Jersey

Various sites require explosion-proof material handling equipment, like facilities that manufacture, process or store materials such as paint, ink, varnish, chlorine, cosmetic products and other hazardous chemicals. Examples of specific industries that utilize certified EX equipment include automotive, aerospace, pharmaceuticals, food and plastics. Although a particular area may not require EX equipment, it can be beneficial in facilities that contain painting booths, drying rooms, flammable refrigeration areas and other spaces where the devices can come into contact with explosive substances.

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Barclay is a single source for explosion proof forklifts and other material-handling equipment for businesses in Central and Northern New Jersey and parts of New York. Our experienced professionals can help you choose the optimal device for your application, whether you're interested in buying, leasing or renting. For more information about how Excalibur Miretti and explosion proof forklifts are right for your company, please contact us today.

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