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Lift Trucks That Meet Your Application Needs
Barclay is your uptime specialist, with the highest quality of reliable and durable forklifts for productive and efficient industry solutions.

Our Selection of Lift Trucks in New Jersey

At Barclay Brand Ferdon in South Plainfield, New Jersey, we offer reliable forklift trucks from respected manufacturers such as Yale, Mariotti, RICO, Hoist and Sellick. Our stock includes all classes of electric, internal combustion, cushion tire, pneumatic tire, and even autonomous robotic lift trucks to meet all industry specific lifting needs. We will provide the right truck for any and every application. You can trust Barclay Brand Ferdon to supply optimal and efficient material handling solutions for your company.

The Right Fit for Your Application

Whatever your industry may be: Manufacturing, Distribution, Food & Beverage, Logistics, Retail & Durable Goods or Industrial, Barclay Brand Ferdon is committed to meeting the unique forklift needs for any application.

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Pallet Jacks
Barclay offers manual, electric walk-behind pallet jacks, ride-on pallet jacks and more. We will help you choose the right piece of equipment for your specific material handling needs.
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Yale Electric Forklifts
Barclay has always been focused on offering dependable equipment that is environmentally friendly. We offer electric forklifts manufactured by Yale. These lifts reduce your carbon footprint while featuring the same high performance as LP fuel forklifts. Their energy efficiency has outperformed all other brands while working in high-demand shifts. Although Yale efficiency is great, operator comfort and productivity are most important. The highly engineered ergonomic design is second to none. Many material handlers love Yale for this reason. There are many electric trucks to choose from. You can choose between the lightweight, maneuverable three-wheel model or a four-wheeled design for more demanding applications.
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Yale Reach Trucks
Reach trucks enable you to take advantage of a building’s vertical height to maximize the utilization of storage space. Requiring less aisle width for maneuverability and an increased capacity to reach higher levels, reach trucks provide a viable solution to many storage application needs. Yale reach trucks are designed with outer legs that better distribute the load weight and a single set of wheels below the operator that allow for a tighter turning radius.
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Mariotti Narrow Aisle Forklift
Designed for tight fits and user-friendly maneuverability, our VNA lifts are ideal for high-density facilities and can squeeze through narrow aisles with ease. All Yale VNA model types offer high reach capabilities, multiple order picking functionalities and rotating attachments to work both sides of the aisle. Mariotti power trucks, fast three-wheel models, and lightweight minis can safely move on fragile flooring, ramps, and elevators.
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Yale Order Pickers
Yale order pickers are designed for fulfilling custom orders in warehouses and distribution centers. Rather than lifting full pallets, order pickers are ideal for piece-part or case picking. These trucks can handle multiple small and medium size objects. They can travel at high speeds and have keen maneuverability. These traits increase efficiency for labor-intensive work. You have many choices between Yale High Density Order Selectors or the Taylor Dunn Stock Chaser for reliability, precision, and streamlined order picking and transport.
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Yale Robotic Autonomous Forklift
Is having a consistent labor force an issue? If you are running reoccurring routes and 24- hour shifts, you may want to consider robotics. Keep up with the rising demand by investing in Yale robotic autonomous forklifts. These machines can perform repetitive low-level tasks independently, including picking up, transporting, and dropping off pallets. Great for cross-dock applications. Accuracy is not an issue with built-in bar code scanners. We offer a variety of automated Yale lift trucks, including tow trucks, stackers, high reach trucks, and VNA models.
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Yale Cushion Tire Forklifts
For indoor warehousing, manufacturing, loading docks, or other smooth-surface applications, a cushion tire LPG forklift is the solution you need. Its IC engine, sit-down driver cab, and rubber cushion tires combine for a cost-effective, comfortable lift that is safe and easy to maintain. There are many options from Yale that include improved safety, maneuverability, and maintenance-free models.
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Yale Pneumatic Tire Forklifts
For outdoor applications, we offer Yale pneumatic tire forklifts. Outdoor applications require trucks that have high ground clearance. They also require features such as pneumatic tires. Pneumatic tires are ideal for durability and outdoor use on gravel, grass, and asphalt. Need something even tougher? We also offer yard trucks for use in lumber and scrap yards. Our pneumatic tire lifts are high quality, low-maintenance, extremely rugged, long lasting and customizable to fill different needs and roles.
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Sellick Rough Terrain Forklifts
For truly demanding terrain, Sellick Rough Terrain Forklifts are heavy lifts specially designed for the toughest jobs, including brick, cement and tile, auto salvage and metal, construction, nurseries, foundries, and food processing. In addition to basic options, Sellick manufactures truck mounted lifts, which attach to trailers for efficiency. Sellick makes their Teletruk lift as well. These trucks feature a quick-connect system for multiple attachments. All options are hard-working, rugged, and safe.
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Explosion Proof (EX) Forklifts
Barclay offers an explosion proof (EX) forklift for demanding applications in potentially explosive areas of the manufacturing floor. These safe and spark resistant trucks are manufactured by Excalibur Miretti and tested to conform to precise and very rigid safety standards. An explosion-proof lift is a must in atmospheres with gases, vapors, mists, or clouds of dust in pharmaceutical, chemical, printing, paper, and other manufacturing settings.

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A leader in warehouse solutions and fleet service, Barclay Brand Ferdon offers a variety of forklift trucks to fit your application’s needs. Our friendly and knowledgeable representatives are standing by to navigate you through your options and provide a free quote for your customized solution.  To find out more, contact us today.