If you have multiple forklift brands and would like to reduce your parts replacement costs, we are here to help.

Every Barclay customer is assigned a dedicated Customer Service Rep to support you in any level of service you require. We offer a no cost replacement parts cross reference analysis to recommend ways to reduce your overall expenditures.

Forklift Parts in New Jersey

We’ve all been there — you need a single part to get your forklift up and running again, but you don’t have it on hand. Barclay offers replacement forklift part solutions that help keep your fleet up and running and minimize downtime

Barclay Parts

Replacement Parts for All Brands

We offer material handling equipment parts for all brands, providing you with a wide selection of the components you need. 

Using a high volume of specific parts? We can set you up with parts consignment cabinets on your site customized to include all of the high-volume parts you need fast. Your Customer Service Rep will visit regularly and manage your on-site inventory so that you pay only for what you use but will have the convenience of always having the part on hand when you need it.

Remanufacturers have been recycling for more than 60 years. We want to assist you in promoting environmentally responsible practices while saving you money on forklift maintenance. We offer a wide range of remanufactured forklift parts from Steer Axles to Hydraulic Assemblies to Joy Stick Controls.

When you need your forklift parts fast, we can deliver. We have 24-hour availability from a $40 million parts inventory.

Commonly Replaced Forklift Parts

Even with ongoing maintenance, you’ll likely need to replace some forklift parts from time to time. Replacing parts before they break down is critical for the continued safe operation of your equipment. 

Forklift parts don’t all see the same wear and tear or experience the same conditions. For that reason, some parts wear out more frequently and need replacing more than others. Some of the more commonly replaced parts include:

  • The fork and mast: The fork and mast do the heavy lifting, so it’s little surprise they need replacement more often than other parts. The metal part of the fork and mast wears down over time. Replacing both in a timely manner helps prevent dropped loads. Signs it’s time to replace the fork and mast include visible cracks, uneven forks, grinding noises and irregular functioning.
  • Brakes: Brakes also see a significant amount of wear and tear and play a critical role in the forklift’s functioning. With worn-out brakes, there’s a risk of injury or fatalities. Faulty brakes can also lead to damaged products and equipment. Signs that brakes need a replacement include squeaking and squealing, wear on the brake pads and reduced braking effectiveness.
  • Tires: Worn-out tires can contribute to accidents, while flat or blown-out tires can lead to downtime. Flat tires can also damage a forklift’s wheels or axles. 
  • Oil filters: Oil filters protect the forklift’s engine by keeping debris and contaminants out of the oil. Filters are typically changed when you change the forklift’s oil but may need replacing more frequently in some cases. Signs it’s time to change an oil filter include thick exhaust or an unpleasant odor when the equipment operates.
  • Batteries: Batteries power the forklift’s engine. When a battery isn’t charged properly or loses its ability to hold a charge, it needs replacement. Knowing how to properly care for your equipment’s batteries will reduce the need to replace them. 

Remanufactured Parts

Remanufactured parts are a budget-friendly and an environmentally friendly way to keep your forklifts operational. The parts are rebuilt to the same specifications and standards as the original equipment and come with a warranty. The parts are tested and inspected to ensure they are reliable, perform well and provide value. 

Remanufactured parts cost less than new ones and can be a suitable option for your forklift replacement part needs.

Parts Consignment Cabinets in New Jersey

We can set you up with parts consignment cabinets on your site customized to include all of the high-volume parts that you would need for your fleet.

With a parts consignment cabinet, the parts you need to maintain your equipment are on-site at all times. You don’t pay for the components until you use them, though. Using a parts consignment cabinet offers several benefits:

  • Eliminates downtime: You don’t have to wait for a replacement part to arrive.
  • Customized to your fleet: Stock the cabinet with the parts you need most.
  • Adjusted based on usage and fleet change: As your fleet needs change, so can your parts. We’ll visit your site regularly and update your cabinet based on use.
parts consignment cabinets

24/7 Online Parts Portals For All Makes & Models of Forklifts

Our online parts portal makes it easy to find the parts you need at any time of day. We offer genuine Yale and IRMN parts, which you can use with multiple manufacturers’ equipment.

24/7 On-line Forklift Parts Look Up and Ordering System

We offer our larger volume replacement parts customers the option of utilizing an online research and ordering system. Companies that are currently maintaining their fleet of lift trucks and are looking for a way to increase efficiency and lower the costs of acquisition for forklift replacement parts are candidates for this service. 

It is a direct web-based program that gives you access to parts for over 100 makes with over 2,600,000 replacement parts numbers based on 275,000 SKUs. It provides cross-reference data, pricing, direct-from-factory shipping, and electronic ordering/tracking. It will reduce purchase costs, reduce parts sourcing time, eliminates the need for phone calls, and provides single-source invoicing. 

Get the Parts You Need Today

We offer complete training and set up as well as ongoing customer support and attractive freight discounts. If you want to evaluate this parts program or would like a demonstration, please contact us today.


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