The Largest Rental Fleet in the North East

We offer equipment rentals by the day, week or month as well as longer term, discounted and rent-to-own options.  There are many times when renting makes more sense than buying. At Barclay, we maintain a vast array of name-brand material handling rental options for our customers when the need arises, including seasonal upticks, trying out new technology before buying and temporarily replacing equipment out for repair. Our rental fleet is constantly inspected and maintained to meet all safety requirements and we have a plan to fit your needs, including daily, weekly and monthly rates for short-term contracts and long-term packages for larger commitments.

Rental Options From Names You Can Trust

At Barclay, we’ve got what you need from IC pneumatic or cushion to electric lift trucks, lift trucks attachments, narrow aisle forklifts, aerial equipment, personnel carriers and rough terrain.


Pneumatic Tire Forklifts

Typically larger than cushion tire forklifts, pneumatic tire forklifts are suitable for working outside, as well as in larger indoor spaces.


Cushion Tire Forklifts

With a smaller chassis and sitting lower to the ground than pneumatic tire forklifts, cushion tire forklifts work best indoors and have a smaller turning radius.


Electric Rider Forklifts

Generally available in 3- and 4-wheel models, electric rider forklifts are best for indoor use and are highly maneuverable.


Narrow Aisle Forklifts

Narrow aisle and VNA forklifts are used indoors on smooth surfaces in narrow aisles for storing and retrieving pallets and for order picking.


Order Pickers

Help staff complete order fulfillment faster and more efficiently with short- and long-range order pickers.


Mariotti Compact Forklifts

There is nothing small about the capabilities of these compact forklifts. Designed and engineered specifically to work in tight and very narrow aisle space.


Pallet Jacks

Typically used to move pallets under a variety of circumstances within the warehouse and while on deliveries.


Motorized Hand Trucks

Primarily used indoors, electric walkies are highly versatile low-lift pallet and/or skid handlers.


Lift Truck Attachments

Lift truck attachments available for special applications, including fork positioners, paper roll clamps, rug rams, push pulls, drum handlers and bale & carton clamps.


Scissor Lifts & Booms

Indoor and outdoor units that give you great lifting capacity and extra floor space even when areas have limited access.


Rough Terrain Trucks

Among the largest of forklifts, rough terrain trucks are designed for outdoor work in uneven and rocky conditions.


Personnel or Burden Carriers

Tough, rugged, dependable vehicles to help meet demanding efficiency goals and move personnel, equipment and materials.

Material Handling Equipment Rental Programs Customized To Your Needs

At Barclay, we know there are times when it makes sense to look at renting material handling equipment, such as forklifts, pallet jacks, aerials, reach trucks and order pickers. We have several attractive and budget-friendly material handling equipment rental options for you to choose from, based on your exact needs. Reserve your rental today!

Short Term Equipment Rental Program

Barclay offers daily, weekly and monthly programs for those times when you need material handling equipment for the short term.

Long Term Equipment Rental Program

When you need specific equipment for a contract or project, or you just can't get the capital purchase approved, Barclay offers long-term material handling equipment rentals.

Rent To Own Equipment Rental Program

If you need material handling equipment now, but you can't get the purchase approved today, or just need to spread out the payments, the rent-to-own program is perfect for you.

Note: A Certificate of Insurance is also required showing all applicable coverages.

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