JLG Lift

What Type of Aerial Lift Do You Need?

Every job site requires specific equipment to get the job done. Workers often need to work from high places with more security than a simple ladder can provide. Other times, setting up complex scaffolding structures could be more time-consuming than the actual task should take. This is where aerial lifts come into play. Aerial lifts…

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Yale Lift

An Aerial Work Platform that Multi-tasks Across Multiple Industries

When comparing different ways to efficiently complete day-to-day operational requirements, using a work platform typically comes into the discussion. Whether it is facility maintenance, stock picking, order replenishment, transport, inventory control or retail displays, there are many different types of equipment that are most suitable for the application and the industry.  Ladders are commonly used by smaller retail stores or stock pickers for lower level picking or replenishment needs in warehousing environments or forklifts & order pickers for higher thru-put manufacturing or distribution centers.
What if we told you that there is an innovative machine that could function just as well in all of these environments offering the increased versatility, maneuverability and productivity every operation craves?
There is – The Yale AERO aerial work platform is a highly versatile unit, providing a variety of functions and suitable for almost any industry.  Why?

Zero Degree Turning Radius
234″ Lift Height, 306″ Working Height
450lb Capacity
Large Work Platform –29.75″ W x 34.75″ L

And the same, proven Yale componentry and systems for productivity, reliability and serviceability

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