One of the strongest and most consistent sectors of our economy is Grocery Distribution. Moving food that is often frozen or is on a timeline for freshness requires quick and efficient handling through the supply chain. Keeping it safe requires an even greater challenge. Barclay has spent years working with grocery warehouses and distribution centers on providing the right forklift technologies that are often equipped with reliable lift truck attachments for these applications. As part of a three-blog series, we examine how the latest hydraulic attachment technologies have helped the food and grocery distribution industry to optimize efficiency, improve safety and provide environmental benefits.

Since groceries encompass a wide range of packaging from bags to boxes, bottles or cans there are different attachment options for lift trucks to be able to provide more versatility than the traditional pallet load fork handling.

Layer Pickers

Layer Picker Attachments provide warehouses more efficient handling when you have multiple types of products – specifically canned and bottled. They handle single or multiple layers of both canned and bottled products with ease – all while eliminating the costs associated with unnecessary manual labor. The hydraulic layer picker offers speed and versatility when building mixed load pallets, making them highly beneficial for any food warehouse and distribution facility.

Multiple Load Handlers

To maximize productivity within the distribution center a single lift truck can be outfitted with an attachment that allows it to handle either one pallet load as a normal lift truck does or create the ability to handle multiple pallets offering unrivaled versatility. The forks are positioned hydraulically (through operator controls) for the fastest and most efficient material handling of food and grocery products possible. The Multiple Load Handler Attachment allows one forklift to handle up to 6 loads at a time.


Pallets can often create an unsanitary environment, are costly and create added storage and handling requirements. Barclay Brand Ferdon recommends eliminating pallets in many materials handling environments that require fast pace shipping, storage and receiving with the use of durable slip sheets and a lift truck mounted hydraulic push/pull attachment. This allows you to avoid the costs associated with purchasing, maintaining, disposing of, and storing pallets, as well as increase cube utilization across your facility.

Carton Clamps

Another option for palletless material handling of food and grocery products, carton clamps are proven to save our clients money. In conjunction with improving the utilization of warehouse space, they reduce operating costs when pallets, maintenance, shipping, and storage are no longer on the agenda.

Produce Handlers

Fresh produce requires quick movement through the supply chain as well as safe handling to limit damage. Special Produce Handling attachments added to a forklift truck decrease the number of trips required to load trucks by up to a third. Not only will it allow the movement of more loads, but with precise hydraulically controlled handling, it also minimizes damage to vulnerable fresh produce goods. And with realized energy savings (less trips), the end result is a greener operation.

Scales and Weigh Forks

Weighing goods more quickly and accurately with lift truck scales has also offered improved efficiencies in food and grocery warehousing. There are carriage mounted scales as well as innovative weigh forks that offer a unique an innovative ability to weigh product as you lift it.

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These are just a few of the application solutions that Barclay Brand Ferdon offers fast paced grocery distribution companies in the New Jersey and New York area. Innovative hydraulic lift truck attachments and other technologies continue to develop, and we are always staying current to provide you with the best products. For more information, contact us at 908-223-8580 or request a quote today.