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Running out of space in your warehouse? 

Before you think of relocating your business due to lack of space, let Barclay provide a solution that maximizes your existing storage footprint while saving you money.

An efficient warehouse layout increases productivity, throughput and revenues. At Barclay Brand Ferdon, we provide clients in Middlesex County and the surrounding New Jersey area with space-saving warehouse solutions that are focused on safety, efficiency and common sense. We supplement these designs with our selection of narrow and very narrow aisle forklifts from brands like Yale, Mariotti, and more.

The Benefits of Our Equipment

Our narrow aisle and very narrow aisle (VNA) equipment will enable you to fit more into your existing storage space. No need to think about the very expensive idea of moving your operations. Whatever your current configuration of your warehouse is, our narrow aisle and VNA forklifts can offer you the following benefits:

  • Up to 194% more pallet space
  • Enhanced user comfort and safety
  • Faster picking times for greater productivity
  • Increased maneuverability and visibility
  • Usually eliminates other pieces of equipment
  • Minimizes maintenance
  • Elimination of off-site storage
  • Minimizes Damage

Our Selection of Narrow-Aisle Equipment

Barclay Brand Ferdon’s team of experienced planners will re-design your operational storage layout and outfit you with the correct equipment for your specific configuration and needs.

Our award winning narrow-aisle equipment options include:

VNA forklift

Reach Trucks

Our narrow aisle Yale reach trucks are capable of handling pallet load capacities up to 3,000 and 4,500 lbs. They are ergonomically designed for operator comfort. Greater operator comfort yields higher productivity levels, user attentiveness and work floor safety.

Yale NR NDR Reach Truck

Double-Reach Trucks

Our double-reach (double deep) trucks allow for even greater space savings. Thanks to their maneuverability, they allow workers to safely navigate through narrow aisles while picking at a two-pallet depth. These unique pieces of equipment can help your warehouse stay ahead of space and time constraints.

Turret Truck

Man-Down and Man-Up Turret Trucks

One of the more versatile trucks to be used in a warehouse is the Turret Truck.  This narrow-aisle option from Yale is designed for both pallet handling and case picking. They boast a capacity of 3,000 to 3,500 lbs., making them ideal for maximizing space through narrow aisles and operating in high-density warehouses. The compatible turret attachment swings left and right.  This functionality enables you to grab/pick product from both sides and at multi-levels without having to turn the truck around in the opposite direction. The utilization of this truck allows for taller pallet stacking/racking and creates more floor space in your warehouse.  

Yale products have become known for their dependability, ergonomics, and positive returns on investment in narrow-aisle warehouses.

Mariotti Mycros Forklift

The Most Compact Lift Truck for Every Job

Aptly called the smallest forklifts in the world, Mariotti’s line of versatile and compact 3-wheel forklifts are a great multi-benefit option when developing a space-conscious warehouse design that work with 86 inches to 120 inches aisle width. These lightweight, highly maneuverable and rugged options can support anywhere from 2,100 to 3,000 lbs., allowing operators to move more product in less time and through smaller aisles. The Mariotti is a very unique, versatile machine. It can be utilized in narrow aisles, but also be used for loading and unloading.

Find Space-Saving Solutions Today

By narrowing your warehouse’s aisles and providing high-quality, space-saving equipment from elite industry brands, Barclay Brand Ferdon can help your warehouse maximize its productivity levels. Located in South Plainfield, New Jersey, we’ve provided effective solutions for residents of Middlesex County and beyond for years. To get started on your unique warehouse solution, request a free quote today.


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