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Why Buy New?

There are many benefits to adding new forklifts to your material-handling fleet. Here are just a few:

  • Advanced technology: The latest forklift models come with modern technology to improve their value to your business. Features like sensors connected to the Internet of Things (IoT) can tell you when maintenance is due or provide more visibility into actual use.
  • Helpful customization: No two material-handling tasks or facilities are identical. Buying new allows you to specify the exact accessories and configurations you need, such as specialized masts.
  • Tax advantages: There may be certain benefits to buying new when tax time comes around. Companies can often take advantage of credits or accelerated depreciation that improves their tax position.
  • Fewer upkeep needs: Newer machines need less maintenance by nature. Reduced upkeep can translate directly into savings and uptime when replacing older forklifts more prone to service needs.

The Industry’s Best Brands

At Barclay Brand Ferdon in South Plainfield, New Jersey, we offer reliable forklift trucks from respected manufacturers for businesses in New Jersey and New York.

Yale Forklifts

Barclay is your source for new Yale forklifts in New Jersey. Our inventory includes over 50 options to meet the most demanding material handling needs. Yale’s innovative designs emphasize efficiency, durability and operator safety. Plus, this brand handles high-capacity loads and continues to advance with technology for even greater value. From Yale electric forklifts to internal combustion forklifts, we have what you need.

Mariotti Forklifts

Mariotti forklifts deliver premium performance in a compact design. They easily navigate narrow spaces with enhanced maneuverability and up to 3,000 pounds of lifting capacity. Barclay is an authorized dealer for new Mariotti forklifts in New Jersey.

Sellick Forklifts

Sellick forklifts are the go-to choices for rough terrain operations and offer long-load and truck-mount options. Make quick work of delivering materials to previously inaccessible areas with our inventory of Sellick forklifts in New Jersey.

The Area’s Largest Style Selection

When it comes to forklifts, there’s no one right style for everyone. The size, specs and features you need vary based on your application. Barclay understands that, so we carry multiple kinds to meet your specific tasks.

Electric Forklifts

Electric forklifts give off no fumes, making them an environmentally friendly choice for many companies, especially those requiring primarily indoor work. Their heavy batteries help keep them stable and vibration free for a more comfortable operator experience. Barclay is a leading provider of four-wheel and three-wheel electric forklifts throughout New Jersey and southern New Jersey.

Pneumatic Forklifts

Pneumatic forklifts sport a higher ground clearance and excellent maneuverability. Treaded tires enhance traction for working on uneven terrain, and increased lifting capacity can make them an invaluable asset for heavy-duty work. Find a wide inventory of pneumatic forklifts in New Jersey right here at Barclay!

Reach Trucks

With their high extension capacity, reach trucks are ideal for maximizing your vertical storage. Their narrow design also makes them helpful in facilities where aisles are slim. Barclay’s selection of reach trucks in New Jersey offers excellent versatility and upgrade options for even more application value.

Pallet Trucks

We carry several styles of pallet trucks at our New Jersey location. Move more at once with high-capacity models and operator ride-on features. Manual types help reduce workforce injuries and navigate tighter spaces. These solutions are perfect for short-distance transportation on smooth surfaces.

The Right Fit for Your Application

Whatever your industry may be: Manufacturing, Distribution, Food & Beverage, Logistics, Retail & Durable Goods or Industrial, Barclay Brand Ferdon is committed to meeting the unique forklift needs for any application.

Order Lift Trucks Today

A leader in warehouse solutions, fleet service and forklift sales in New Jersey, Barclay Brand Ferdon offers a variety of forklift trucks to fit your application’s needs. Our friendly and knowledgeable representatives are standing by to navigate you through your options and provide a free quote for your customized solution. To find out more, contact us today.

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