Understanding your forklift and attachment operations is a very important part of obtaining a reliable and efficient fleet.

Barclay is proud to partner with Cascade in informing our customers of the critical role hydraulic flow and pressure play in the productivity of your forklift.

 The new video, “Marriage Between Forklift & Attachment: The Value of Proper Forklift Attachment Installations,” resolves much of the confusion surrounding the pros and cons from add-on hydraulic flow and pressure accessories.

Watch this engaging, easy-to-understand 8-minute video to quickly understand how the forklift and attachment work together and clear up any of the confusion you may have associated with flow and pressure of forklift attachments.

Barclay‘s professional customer service representatives are trained to know which attachments work best with your forklift’s specifications per the manufacturers recommendations.

As an authorized Cascade attachment dealer, you can be assured of getting the right attachment for your application need and your forklift’s capabilities. Contact us today to learn more about the forklift attachments that are available for your forklift.