Today's warehouses and distribution centers require durable and efficient solutions to streamline material handling operations and meet customer demands. Access to the right equipment is critical for optimized warehouse organization, timely deliveries and high-quality service. Industrial carts and utility vehicles are excellent for these applications because they facilitate the safe and efficient movement of raw materials, finished goods and personnel.

Renting industrial carts and utility vehicles offers many advantages over financing or purchasing the equipment outright, especially for businesses with short-term needs. Rental industrial carts reduce repair, maintenance and storage costs that can build up quickly over time. More importantly, renting these carts and vehicles means that companies only pay for the equipment when they use it.

Types of Rental Industrial Carts We Offer

At Barclay, we offer a comprehensive range of industrial cart rentals from top equipment brands to meet every facility's needs, including manual carts, burden carriers, utility vehicles and personnel carriers. Our rental options are ideal for warehouses needing to add to their fleets affordably, whether dealing with a one-time project or a seasonal surge.

Electric Warehouse Cart and Burden Carrier Rentals

Operations often choose electric warehouse carts because of their many benefits over manual or gas-powered options. Electric power enables these carts to maneuver and handle heavy loads without physical exertion from workers. They are designed to navigate warehouses and other indoor spaces smoothly and efficiently, contributing to faster and more accurate handling.

Burden carriers can transport materials and personnel in warehouses or industrial facilities, with the option of adding tug carts for additional hauling capacity. These solutions can help minimize the number of machines an operation needs, increasing cost-efficiency and reducing warehouse congestion.

Taylor Dunn Cart

Taylor-Dunn Rental Solutions

Barclay offers a complete lineup of rental vehicles from Taylor-Dunn to handle the most demanding material handling tasks. Each vehicle design serves a distinct role in warehouse and distribution operations, catering to different needs for moving materials, finished products or people within various work environments.

Taylor-Dunn stockchasers are compact vehicles ideal for picking and transporting items while navigating narrow aisles and carrying smaller loads. Tow tractors can pull multiple carts, making them more practical for heavier loads and larger material quantities. Taylor-Dunn people movers transport workers around expansive warehouses and manufacturing plants, offering safe and comfortable seating for multiple passengers.

Benefits of Renting Industrial Carts From Barclay

To keep warehouses, distribution centers or manufacturing facilities operating efficiently, Barclay offers a variety of solutions optimized for each client's unique application. Renting from us allows businesses to scale their operations quickly, adapt to changing needs and maintain a competitive edge in their industry without the long-term commitment of purchasing equipment outright. Our experts have decades of combined experience helping customers source the most practical and effective solutions for their needs.

Our gold-certified technicians inspect and maintain our rental equipment to ensure peak functionality while meeting all safety requirements. In addition, we can customize a rental plan for the time frame each customer needs, including daily, weekly, monthly or longer options.

Warehouse worker riding an industrial standing platform cart.

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