Reliable Used Floor Care Equipment in New Jersey

Used floor care equipment makes cleaning large and confined spaces more efficient and affordable by putting high-quality machines within reach for our customers. Barclay's selection meets diverse industrial and commercial needs throughout New York and New Jersey.

How We Source Used Industrial Sweepers and Scrubbers

We take pride in sourcing the highest-quality professional floor equipment for settings from warehouses and production plants to parking lots. Carrying pre-owned equipment from trusted manufacturers like Kärcher ensures our customers get the most value from their used machines. We work with customers who purchase new equipment under a lease term and maintenance program. At the end of the contract period, we source these machines, which remain in excellent condition, for resale.

Featuring Models From Kärcher

  • Sweepers: Used industrial sweepers are available in several types to clear debris from any industrial surface. Our options include ride-on, walk-behind or compact models to sweep large and small spaces efficiently.
  • Scrubbers: We carry used industrial scrubbers for thorough floor maintenance. Various sizes are available to meet any facility's needs, and autonomous models leave team members with more time for core tasks.
  • Floor machines: Our customers can clean, restore and finish their floors within budget with our selection of used floor machines. Our inventory includes models suited for specific applications, from floor stripping to waxing.
KarcherB300 floor scrubber

How Barclay Makes Buying Used Industrial Floor Care Equipment Better

The key to purchasing pre-owned professional floor care equipment is choosing a reliable company. Barclay is committed to helping our customers get the most out of their used machines and offers a host of advantages, including:

  • Quality assurance: All pre-owned equipment is subject to thorough inspections and put into one of three categories. Our gold-certified technicians expertly maintain "Barclay-conditioned” and “Rent Ready” units. “As-is” equipment is confirmed to be safe and dependable — as well as categorized correctly — to ensure our customers make informed buying decisions.
  • Consultative approach: Our professionals have firsthand experience with the equipment it takes to support warehousing, manufacturing and other industrial and commercial operations. We work with our customers to understand their workflows and facilities before finding the right solutions. This process makes us a trusted partner and consultant.
  • One-stop shop: Our customers can skip getting equipment from various dealers and finding the best sources for parts and service for each machine. Barclay's inventory spans new, used and rental warehousing solutions, from industrial floor care equipment to forklifts and pallet jacks. We also carry attachments, batteries and parts while providing maintenance, repairs and financing.

Contact Barclay About Our Pre-Owned Commercial Floor Care Equipment Selection

Whether you have an immediate need for in-house machines capable of cleaning your facility or simply want to stay within budget, the experts at Barclay can help you find used floor care equipment to fit your requirements. We prioritize lasting partnerships, meaning you'll have a dedicated source for replacement parts and service as long as you need it. Complete our contact form or call our team to learn more about our options and request a quote for specific models.


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