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Different Types of Forklift Tires and Knowing Which Ones Are Right for Your Business

Forklifts are an essential part of many businesses, and because of this, it’s important to ensure they’re equipped with the right tires. Forklift tires come in a variety of materials and designs, and each one has a specific use. Here, Barclay Brand Ferdon describes the different types of forklift tires and what surfaces they work best on.

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When To Replace Forklift Tires

Lift truck tires need to be replaced on a regular basis. As the rubber starts to wear away with use, it can impair the truck’s overall handling and performance. However, because tires don’t necessarily come with an expiration date, you have to rely on visual cues to let you know when it’s time for new ones. To help you better manage your fleet’s maintenance, review these tire care tips from the technicians at Barclay Brand Ferdon.

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Barclay Offers Tips For Tire Maintenance & Replacement

Tire maintenance and replacement are crucial when it comes to providing a safe work environment and maintaining efficiency. Barclay has tire maintenance down to a science and has a few tips to help you identify when your tires need replacing.
Press-on tires should be replaced when 50% of the rubber is gone. These types of tires are made of solid rubber attached to a steel band, so when the tire is worn down so are its functions.

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