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The Role of Utility Vehicles

Your fleet includes an assortment of essential equipment, from forklifts and pallet jacks to order pickers and more. Without the right utility or industrial vehicles, however, you may be missing out on important benefits for your business and your team. Adding a material handling cart or people mover can improve operations in several ways, including all of the following:

  • Improved handling in narrow aisles, tight corners and other spaces that can be difficult for forklifts and larger equipment to navigate
  • Increased speeds for moving workers and goods between locations
  • Fewer injuries due to lifting and carrying large items
  • Reduced damage to products and facility fixtures caused by equipment collisions
  • Decreased costs compared to other transportation options

From saved time to fewer workplace accidents, it’s easy to see why utility vehicles are a great choice for your company.

Our Utility Vehicle Inventory in New Jersey

Barclay Brand Ferdon is proud to provide a variety of industrial vehicles for diverse needs, including burden carriers and material handling carts. Whatever applications are needed in your warehouse, plant or another facility, we have a utility vehicle that can fill the role.

Choose from the following options in our inventory:

Yale Tow Trucks

Yale has long been a leader in reliable material handling solutions. Among its quality products is the Yale Tow Tractor, a hardworking vehicle that can securely carry anywhere from 10,000 to 15,000 pounds with ease. The Tow Tractor is also highly maneuverable in tight spaces and has been designed for simplicity of use, easy maintenance and energy efficiency.

In addition, these devices offer industry-leading ergonomics and advanced controls to improve productivity in nearly any material handling environment. Popular applications include auto parts distribution, food and beverage, furniture, home centers, retail and e-commerce.

Taylor-Dunn Vehicles

Barclay Brand Ferdon offers a range of rugged vehicles from Taylor-Dunn for your New Jersey facility, including:

  • Stockchasers: A staple in warehouse environments for years, stockchasers are valued for their high carrying capacities and quiet operation. Stockchasers are exceptionally maneuverable vehicles that improve warehouse efficiency and productivity, particularly in narrow-aisle applications. Choose from many optional features to customize your application and deliver maximum functionality.
  • Tow Tractors: These powerful, dependable machines haul up to 120,000 pounds and are built for comfort, safety and maneuverability, even in narrow confines. Electric tow tractors from Taylor-Dunn can help transform your New Jersey plant into a cleaner and more efficient operation with zero emissions and minimal maintenance requirements.
  • People Movers: Boost productivity by quickly and efficiently moving two to eight people through your work areas, both indoors and outside. With various models available, this equipment offers an economical and reliable method to move people around your location safely.

All vehicles are customizable with cabs, doors, ladders, racks, cargo boxes, dump beds and other features to accommodate the unique environment of your facility.

Amigo Material Handling Carts

Amigo material handling carts offer a cost-effective solution to keep employees safe and avoid downtime. Powerful and easy to use, they reduce the risk of injuries and enhance productivity. Amigo carts are also versatile, performing as people movers, material handling solutions or platform trucks with a cargo capacity up to 750 pounds and a fully detachable deck.

These carriers allow a single employee to cover ground quicker while improving mobility in tight spaces and narrow aisleways. Whether you need to haul heavy materials, a few small boxes or quickly move to another location in your New Jersey facility, Amigo material handling carts are a perfect choice. Affordable customization options are also available to meet your application’s unique needs.

Invest in Warehousing Solutions Today

Efficiently moving people and products ensure enhanced productivity and a safer work environment. Barclay’s knowledgeable and experienced team can walk you through all the available options, helping you choose the perfect utility vehicle for your unique operation.

To learn more about solutions for warehouses, distributors and other businesses in Northern New Jersey and select areas of New York, explore Barclay Brand Ferdon’s utility vehicle inventory and request a quote today. We also offer a large selection of pre-owned equipment to meet your performance demands and fit your budget.

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