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Uses for New Aerial Lifts

Aerial lifts, also known as aerial work platforms, have various uses. Some reasons you might need an aerial lift include:

  • To repair power lines: Electricians can use aerial lifts to reach power lines that need repair or installation.
  • To wash windows: Lifts allow window washers to quickly reach and clean the windows on skyscrapers and other multi-story buildings.
  • To pick fruits or nuts: During harvest time, an aerial lift allows workers to pick fruits or nuts more efficiently, maximizing the harvest.
  • To trim trees: Arborists and landscapers can use lifts to cut trees.
  • To produce films: Lifts have many uses during filming for movies or TV. They allow camerapeople to capture overhead shots.
  • To repair or install overhead signs: A lift allows repair people to access overhead signs or install new ones.
  • To repair buildings: Lifts play a big role in the construction and repair of buildings.
  • To organize warehouses: Using an aerial lift, workers can easily reach items on top of tall shelving structures in warehouses.

How to Choose an Aerial Lift

The type of aerial lift you choose depends on your work and the size of the area you’re working in. You must choose a lift that will fit through the entryway for indoor projects. Height also matters. You don’t want to choose a lift that’s too tall or isn’t tall enough to reach the tops of high shelves or the upper corners of walls.

The work surface also matters. If you’re working outdoors, you need a lift with all-terrain wheels that can transverse rocky roads.

Another thing to consider is the lift’s capacity. You’ll require a lift that carries the right number of workers plus any equipment or materials.

Used vs. New Aerial Work Platforms in New Jersey

Should you buy used or new aerial lifts in New Jersey? Either option has its benefits and drawbacks, based on your project needs and budget. Barclay is happy to help you choose the right lift for your project.

Types of Aerial Lifts

Barclay has various new aerial lifts available from brands including Genie, JLG and Yale. Take a look at your options:

New Scissor Lifts in New Jersey

For both indoor and outdoor applications, scissor lifts are mobile and versatile. They can reach great heights under harsh conditions while easily fitting in narrow spaces.

  • Genie electric scissor lifts range from small indoor models to harsh terrain specs and are outfitted with extendable platforms for efficiency.
  • JLG offers quiet electric scissor lifts ranging from 37 ft. 9 in. to 46 ft., as well as rugged engine-powered lifts ranging from 32 to 49 ft.

New Aerial Work Platforms in New Jersey

Our aerial work platforms can carry one person high enough to perform a job. This makes them excellent for maintenance, facility work, and similar applications.

  • Genie aerial work platforms are lightweight and designed for versatility and ease of use. Heights range from 21 to 27 ft.
  • JLG produces three series of low-level access lifts. They are lightweight and have multiple height levels that are ideal for maintenance work.

New Stock Pickers in New Jersey

For multi-level warehouses that require access to top shelves, invest in a fleet of stock pickers. Our stock pickers allow staff to retrieve stock safely and efficiently.

  • Yale stock pickers come in all shapes and sizes. Whatever role you need to fill, you can find a stock picker that fits while offering excellent durability and efficiency.
  • JLG aerial pickers are available in push-around and drivable formats. Each version offers platform heights up to 21 ft. and safety features to protect your team on the job.

New Boom Lifts in New Jersey

Boom lifts are a great choice for outdoor applications. They can extend horizontally and vertically, allowing access to difficult-to-reach locations and bypassing obstacles.

  • Genie offers articulating booms in electric- and engine-powered versions, as well as an engine-powered telescopic boom. It also manufactures a trailer-mounted boom with a capacity up to 500 lbs., horizontal reach from 18 to 40 ft, and clearance of 12 to 22 ft.
  • JLG manufactures both telescopic and articulating boom lifts with electric or engine power. Its lifts have three steering modes for versatility and maneuverability and function impressively even on rough terrain.

Rent or Buy Aerial Lifts

Improve safety and optimize your facility’s space with aerial lifts from Barclay Brand Ferdon. Based in South Plainfield, we serve northern NJ and select regions of NY with a robust rental department for warehouse equipment. We also stock both new and used equipment for purchase. Contact us online or call 908-223-8580 to learn more about our aerial work solutions or request a free equipment quote.

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