Your lift trucks are essential to getting the job done — but not all tasks are created equal. When working with long or oddly shaped loads, facilities need warehouse solutions that help operators move products safely and efficiently. Barclay Brand Ferdon offers a diverse range of forklift attachments designed to maximize operational productivity and keep workers safe shift after shift. We have been serving warehouses, distribution centers, and other businesses that rely on material handling equipment throughout Central and North New Jersey for over 50+ Years.

Why Use Forklift Attachments 

Forklift attachments allow you to get the most from your equipment. While a simple fork can be the right tool when you need to pick up and transport pallets, there are times when you want your forklift to do more. Adding an attachment enhances the equipment’s use and flexibility. There are several benefits to using attachments.

Improved Safety

Certain types of forklift attachments can enhance your equipment’s safety. Using the right attachment at the right time can reduce the risk of injuries, accidents and damaged products. 

For example, push/pull attachments let you receive, store and ship loads on specialized sheets instead of pallets. The sheets minimize the chance of products getting damaged in transport. 

Forklift clamp attachments keep products securely in place when they are on the forklift. They also increase the efficiency of material handling. Similarly, carton clamps allow forklift operators to handle larger loads without damaging the product or crushing other team members. Paper roll clamps secure rolls of paper to the forklift, keeping workers and products safe.

Better Performance

Attachments extend the functionality of your company’s forklift equipment. It’s easy to swap out attachments as the job demands so that employees can switch between tasks quickly and easily. Using the right attachments reduces downtime and boosts productivity. 

Some attachment types improve productivity and performance. Multiple load handlers minimize product damage while increasing the number of loads you can transport at once. Rotators can rotate 360 degrees, allowing the operator to dump loads efficiently.

Reduced Labor Costs

Labor costs are a common concern at warehouses, as is finding skilled workers. With the right forklift attachments, you can keep costs down and reduce your hiring needs. 

One example of an attachment that reduces labor costs is a fork positioner. With a fork positioner, your team can easily adjust the size of the lift forks so that they can quickly pick up pallets of various sizes.

How to Choose the Right Forklift Attachment

When choosing a forklift attachment, you should ask a few questions to select a component that best meets your needs:

  • What is the load type? Some attachments are designed for certain loads and won’t work with others. Consider whether you’re moving containers, bales or pallets when you choose attachments.
  • What is the load capacity? The attachment adds to the weight on the fork, reducing the equipment’s overall capacity. Subtract the weight of the attachment from the maximum capacity when you determine load size. 
  • Is the load stable? Adding an attachment changes the forklift’s center of gravity, which can affect its stability.  
  • How often will you use the attachment? An attachment you’ll use frequently can be worth purchasing, but you may prefer to rent attachments you’ll use less often or only once.

Available Forklift Attachments

With forklift attachments from Barclay Brand Ferdon, you can utilize your fleet of lift trucks in a wider range of applications. Using the correct attachments can increase your storage space, reduce product damage, improve sanitation by eliminating wood pallets, and even reduce your production costs. To make truck configuration easy, quick connects and disconnects allow fast, simple attachment and removal.

fork positioner attachment

Fork Positioners in New Jersey

When operators must handle and transport pallets of different sizes, a fork positioner allows them to quickly adjust the lift forks. This enables operators to lift pallets of all sizes with a single vehicle safely and efficiently.

forklift clamps

Forklift Clamps in New Jersey

When you must handle loads of unusual shapes and sizes, a clamp allows your operators to handle and lift with ease. Forklift clamp attachments are available in varying types for a range of purposes, from clamps that operate as positioners to specialized grips for drums or containers.

Forklift carton clamps

Forklift Carton Clamps in New Jersey

For paper products, appliances, consumer electronics, packaged foods, chemicals, and anything else stored in a carton, a forklift carton clamp can make handling and transportation easy.

forklift paper roll clamps

Forklift Paper Roll Clamps in New Jersey

We also offer paper roll clamp attachments for rounded loads. The curved grip effectively holds the roll while reducing damage. It is also adjustable to specific pressures, allowing operators to safely transport paper rolls of any size throughout the warehouse.

forklift push pull attachment

Forklift Push/Pulls in New Jersey

To save money on product packaging, forklift push/pulls allow you to ship, receive, and store unit loads on slip sheets. They are also useful for cement bags, building goods, cased foods, bottled beverages, and electronics.

forklift rotator attachment

Forklift Rotators in New Jersey

A forklift rotator allows 360⁰ turning motion in both directions. They are excellent additions for lift trucks to be used in food processing, manufacturing, or other applications that require the inversion or dumping of loads.

forklift multiple load handler attachment

Forklift Multiple Load Handlers in New Jersey

When handling high volumes, the ability to transport multiple loads at a time can vastly improve efficiency and productivity. Multiple load handlers can carry one to six loads at a time in high-speed warehouse or bottling operations.

Creative Solutions for Diverse Needs

At Barclay Brand Ferdon, we understand that not all warehouse challenges are straightforward. When clients present unique needs, we take pride in offering creative solutions to optimize material handling operations. Our solutions apply across a range of industries, including:

  • Retail warehousing
  • Third-party logistics
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Food processing and distribution
  • Building supply operations
  • Manufacturing
  • And more…

Whether you’re handling unusual packages, adjusting between a range of pallet sizes, or regularly dumping loads, our selection of forklift attachments can optimize and simplify your lift truck performance to your unique parameters.

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