Barclay offers 24/7 Service Support

Reduce costly breakdowns and overall operating expense through a program suited to your environment and working conditions. We will service your equipment at optimized intervals that are sure to bring value to your bottom line.

Full Maintenance Program 

Fix your routine maintenance costs into a single monthly rate.  Take the guesswork out of your monthly maintenance expenses by allowing us to structure a Total Maintenance Program that fits your operational needs and your budget.

Custom Maintenance Plans Save Time & Money

There are numerous benefits to choosing a preventive maintenance plan on your material handling equipment. At Barclay, we have several options of planned and full forklift maintenance plans to suit your unique situation and budget. Your time can be spent on more productive matters than keeping a maintenance calendar up to date.

Operation Maintenance Program

Though simple to use, it goes without saying that a lift truck is a powerful, oftentimes delicate piece of equipment. As such, it is vital that regular maintenance is practiced to keep the vehicle operating smoothly. Barclay’s OM Program is the surest way to prevent any new problems escalating into expensive issues.

Increased Lifespan

As your partner in uptime, Barclay planned and full maintenance plans are geared to making sure your equipment downtime is reduced significantly.  Maintenance plans make it easier to catch problems before they happen. Regularly scheduled forklift maintenance gives your material handling equipment a longer lifespan with better efficiency. Investing in a forklift maintenance plan is an investment in your assets.

Battery & Charger Maintenance

Batteries and Chargers need regular maintenance as well to keep performing to the level you need.
Click here to check out tips for planned maintenance on batteries.


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