Kärcher Professional Industrial Floor Cleaning Equipment

Whether you are operating a single warehouse, a massive manufacturing facility or a commercial parking lot, floor and lot maintenance is important to your business. A professional appearance helps build your brand, and cleanliness gives customers peace of mind with your company’s sanitation protocols. Dirty floors and subsequent airborne dirt create safety hazards to customers and employees, as well as reduce inventory values. There is no doubt that industrial floor cleaning is needed.

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Industrial Floor Maintenance Solution

Barclay is proud to represent Kärcher, the world’s largest manufacturer of cleaning equipment, accessories and detergents. From rider sweepers and scrubbers to combination sweeper/scrubbers to walk-behind units to litter vacuums, Barclay is your complete industrial floor maintenance solution. If you are working in wide-open or confined spaces, we have the machine to fit your application. 

No floor cleaning job is too big or too small for Kärcher commercial and industrial sweepers. Barclay has solutions that will improve the appearance and safety of your operation while lowering maintenance costs. 

Examples from the extensive Kärcher line of high-performing floor care equipment include:

Floor Scrubbers

Kärcher scrubbers are an excellent choice for any floor maintenance program because they increase productivity, reduce labor costs and contribute to a less hazardous work environment. Available models include:

  • Compact walk-behind: Use these small but powerful machines to cover up to 15,000 square feet per hour.
  • Walk-behind: These larger units offer a more diverse floor cleaning solution and can scrub areas up to 28,000 feet per hour.
  • Stand-on: Enables your crew to do more work in less time with models that can increase productivity by 50% compared to walk-behind machines.
  • Robotic: Experience an automated cleaning process that improves safety, consistency and coverage while minimizing human labor.
  • Ride-on: These robust machines can clean up to 64,500 square feet per hour, making them an excellent choice for larger industrial applications.

Floor Sweepers

Kärcher floor sweepers can remove dirt and debris from all types of industrial surfaces. They’re also flexible and easy to handle and maneuver. Product options include:

  • Compact: A compact floor sweeper works well for eliminating minor spills and handling less demanding cleaning tasks. Their quiet operation is ideal for offices and other environments where noise control is essential.
  • Walk-behind: Use the sweepers to clean areas up to 39,600 square feet per hour. Choose from manual and battery-powered machines based on your operating preferences. Other features include fully adjustable brooms and dust-free performance.
  • Ride-on: These powerful floor sweepers can clean up to 238,000 square feet per hour. Available power/fuel options include battery, diesel and liquified petroleum gas (LPG). Configure the machine to meet your unique cleaning requirements.

Floor Machines

Commercial-duty floor machines from Kärcher work well in various scrubbing, polishing and floor stripping applications. They’re compatible with pads and brushes and deliver superior results when restoring challenging floor finishes like marble, terrazzo and granite. 

The extensive Kärcher floor cleaning machine selection includes:

  • Orbital: These versatile models are the perfect choice for heavy-duty cleaning tasks in various commercial and industrial environments.
  • Single-disc: Consider this durable, easy-to-use floor cleaning equipment for polishing, stripping, scrubbing and waxing projects.
  • Radiant with ORB technology: Use these machines to brighten floors and produce a shiny finish.

Kärcher manufactures many of its floor scrubbers, sweepers and machines in multiple sizes and configurations to serve the cleaning needs of a wide range of industries. 

Why Partner With Us for Kärcher Floor Cleaning Equipment?

At Barclay, we’ve provided high-quality floor care equipment for companies in New York and New Jersey since 1996. Our mission is to help each client achieve the same success that guides every aspect of our daily operations. 

We also provide reliable support for every product we sell. We carry replacement parts for all brands and offer convenient access from our northern New Jersey and New York parts depot. You’ll also receive regular visits from one of our customer service representatives to help manage your inventory and ensure your company has everything you need.

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Next time you need cleaning equipment, give Barclay the opportunity to quote you and prove that we can provide the best service and quality around. Contact us online or call 908-561-2100 for information on our full line of sweepers and scrubbers.

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