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Material Handling Equipment in Central NJ – Barclay Brand Ferdon
Since 1996, we’ve provided material handling equipment solutions for clients in Central New Jersey and beyond. Contact Barclay Brand Ferdon to learn more.

Material handling equipment is in every warehouse, storage facility, distribution point and shipping center. Barclay Brand Ferdon provides the total solution of material handling products and services to multiple clients in Northern NJ, Central NJ and portions of Southern New Jersey as well as New York. Our goal is to ensure a solution that maximizes efficiency and safety. When you partner with us, you can rest assured your fleet will deliver substantial gains in productivity and streamline operations. We will keep things moving for you and your customers.

Our Products

Since 1996, Barclay Brand Ferdon has supplied clients with the most reputable material handling equipment from elite brands. As warehouse equipment specialists, we listen and pay close attention to the needs of the customer, industry and application. The best way to provide reliability and dependability is to offer equipment that is built to last. This has been our mindset since day one, and as a result, our solutions save money, maximize labor efficiency, enhance warehouse safety, and improve space utilization.

Our Services

If you were to reflect on a major purchase you had previously made, I will bet that part of that purchase was the outstanding service or services that went along with it.  This is what Barclay is mostly recognized for. Our services help clients make the most of their equipment, keep it in top condition, and avoid workplace injuries.


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Innovative Products
Thanks to our creative and innovative approach to problem-solving and extensive expertise in material handling equipment, we create application specific and cost-effective fleets that include forkliftspallet jacks, warehouse and storage systemsaerial scissor liftsutility vehiclesrough-terrain vehicleshydraulic attachments, industrial batteries and more.
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Safety Training Programs
We treat safety very seriously. Employees are the life blood of every organization making their safety a priority in the workplace. Each year we provide safety training to over 500 lift truck operators, operations and safety professionals across a spectrum of industries. We provide all OSHA compliance training, food safety, equipment training and any required classes needed. You can train in our on-site classroom, or we can train at your facility. Our classes provide comprehensive instruction to keep your operation incident and accident-free.
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Increase Your Fleet
If a customer has a need to temporarily increase their fleet for a short term, or need a specific truck for a unique application, we offer equipment rentals to accommodate seasonal needs and timely projects. Should their need develop into a long term situation, customers can have access to Barclay’s generous selection of new and pre-owned equipment.
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Fleet Management
Through proven problem solving, experience, technology and the backing of a global powerhouse product, Yale Vision, we provide to our clients the ability to know every detail about their fleet at any second on any day. Utilization Proficiency, Equipment Diagnostics, Safety Tools, Email Alerts, Impact Detection, GPS Location and Real Time Access. This takes all the stress and work out of your fleet Asset Management program.
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Equipment Maintenance
Our multiple service offerings for maintenance gives us the flexibility to provide help when it’s most needed. We offer operational and preventative maintenance, custom maintenance contracts to satisfy unique needs, and address Lift Truck Safety concerns. Our well stocked parts depots in Northern NJ and New York ensure that we can immediately supply any part for any piece of equipment when needed. Our parts are globally sourced, and we can have them within 24-48 hours if needed.
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Customer Support
From diagnosis to repair, you can count on our Parts, Field and Tech Support teams to deliver solutions that eliminate delays and lost productivity.

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Experience the Barclay Brand Ferdon Difference

At Barclay Brand Ferdon, we’re proud to offer premier customer service and material handling equipment from elite brands for businesses across all NJ. To learn more, contact us online or call 908-561-2100.