Utility vehicles and industrial carts are critical for warehouses, distribution centers and other facilities because they ensure safe and efficient transport of materials, supplies and employees. This equipment helps increase warehouse productivity by moving heavy loads, reducing manual labor requirements and minimizing the potential for workplace-related accidents.

Buying high-quality used utility vehicles and carts allows operations to expand their fleets while operating on a tighter budget. Partnering with a reputable company like Barclay for used industrial carts means customers always receive a durable and dependable solution. Our experienced professionals help clients across a broad industry range find the most practical and effective pre-owned machinery solutions.

Types of Used Industrial Carts We Offer

Barclay offers a variety of used industrial carts and vehicles from the most recognized manufacturers to meet various material handling needs, from electric and manual utility carts to personnel and burden carriers. Access to our extensive inventory of pre-owned equipment enables businesses to acquire reliable and functional solutions at a more affordable price point, supporting their operational needs without compromising quality.

Industrial cart loaded with various boxes and warehouse inventory.

Used Burden Carriers and Electric Warehouse Carts

Burden carriers and electric warehouse carts provide many benefits to warehousing and distribution operations by increasing productivity and reducing physical strain on workers. Electric carts can navigate floors without manual labor or potentially hazardous gas fumes. The versatility of a burden carrier maximizes a warehouse's handling efficiency with the capability of hauling several tug carts.

Barclay's used equipment inventory features many of today's most popular makes and models of high-performance burden carriers and warehouse carts.

Used Taylor-Dunn Utility Vehicles and Carts

Taylor-Dunn is known by industrial professionals globally for offering an extensive range of electric vehicles ideal for transporting materials and personnel. These top-class solutions transport employees, finished products and materials in warehouses, factories, campuses and more.

Taylor-Dunn offers industrial carts in various models — including stockchasers, tow tractors and burden carriers — to meet diverse material handling requirements. These solutions feature durable, efficient and versatile designs, making them essential tools for streamlining operations in industrial settings. Barclay offers a broad selection of used Taylor-Dunn carts and vehicles to meet customer needs.

Advantages of Choosing Used Material Handling Equipment From Barclay

Selecting used industrial carts and utility vehicles from Barclay allows businesses to acquire highly functional and durable machinery that meets their needs while staying within budget, maximizing cost savings and boosting operational efficiency. We source most of our used equipment from trade-ins or our rental fleet, so customers know they'll receive a top-quality machine. Our gold-certified technicians ensure that each unit functions optimally, giving customers confidence that their equipment will deliver years of reliable service.

We stand behind our pre-owned machinery with a comprehensive 30-day warranty, including an option to try the equipment before committing to buy. With our affordable pricing, customers can buy the different equipment models they need instead of tying up all their resources in one.

Worker operating a standing industrial cart with boxes on it in a warehouse.

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If you want to learn more about how our used industrial carts and utility vehicles can benefit your operation, the knowledgeable professionals at Barclay can help. We have decades of experience helping customers in New Jersey and the surrounding region choose the equipment that best suits their operations. Contact us online today with questions or to request additional information.