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Technician Performing Forklift Maintenance

When your business depends on a fleet of forklifts, keeping your equipment in top condition is a high priority. Doing so remains a challenge for many businesses, however, due to heavy workloads, limited technician training, and the expense of in-house techs. To help warehouses, distribution centers, and other facilities throughout Northern New Jersey and nearby areas of New York ensure equipment is always ready for use, Barclay Brand Ferdon offers comprehensive planned forklift maintenance and inspection services that optimize performance, cut costs, improve safety, and reduce downtime.

The Benefits of Planned Forklift Inspection and Maintenance Services

Next to your team, forklifts are the most valuable asset in most material handling facilities. Without regular maintenance, these essential machines may become unreliable and even dangerous for operators and nearby workers alike. Our planned forklift maintenance programs and thorough inspections provide all of the following benefits for your fleet:

Predictable Maintenance Costs

Without a service schedule and consistent maintenance, the cost of keeping forklifts running becomes expensive and unpredictable. Our services eliminate guesswork by scheduling inspections and forklift maintenance throughout the year with a focus on your operational needs and budget.

Fewer Repairs

While breakdowns can’t always be prevented, consistent forklift maintenance helps identify worn parts, aging components, and damage early so that it may be repaired before worsening. By avoiding major repairs, you’ll save money and hassle.

Less Downtime

When forklifts can’t be used, productivity slows to a halt. This downtime delays order picking, shipping, and other important tasks on which the success of your business depends. Even worse, missed deadlines diminish customer trust and damage your reputation. With planned forklift maintenance, you can stay on schedule and ahead of the competition.

Longer Equipment Lifespan

Quality forklifts are built to last, but proper maintenance is required to maximize useful life. Our technicians provide the fluid and filter changes, battery checks, and other services needed to prevent damage and maintain the function of your equipment for years to come.

High-Tech Equipment and Experienced Technicians

Our experienced technicians are familiar with all the equipment sold by Barclay Brand Ferdon, as well as the latest advancements in lift truck technology. This allows them to identify the optimal maintenance interval for your facility and perform thorough inspections to identify problems and offer advice on necessary repairs. We also maintain a $40 million parts inventory with 24-hour accessibility should repairs be needed beyond maintenance services. With parts for all major lift truck brands and no need to wait for shipping, our team can have you up and running in no time.

Additionally, our facility is equipped with the most advanced forklift service technology available. These advanced tools help us complete maintenance efficiently and ensure nothing is overlooked during forklift inspections. Technicians are able to identify problems before they arise and avoid disruption to your workflows or inflation in your maintenance budget.

Learn More about Planned Forklift Maintenance

How often should a forklift be serviced? The answer depends on your fleet, your facility, and how you use them to get the job done. If you’re ready to save money and work more efficiently with planned forklift maintenance and inspections, contact Barclay Brand Ferdon. Our South Plainfield, NJ-based technicians are standing by to help you develop a forklift service program and make the most of your investment in material handling equipment. For forklift repairs, request service online and reserve a rental today.

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