Innovative Industry Solutions For Your Unique Applications

At Barclay, our professional staff is ready to help you find innovative answers to your unique challenges whatever your industry. We specialize in solving the warehouse management challenges of our clients. Warehouse operations can be dealing with a tight-space work area, less than stellar material handling fleet, dangerous work environments or any other demanding situation. Our team of problem solvers formulate effective warehouse solutions for all operational applications. Our tailored solutions help improve productivity and safety for businesses throughout central and northern New Jersey as well as in parts of New York.

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Automated Warehouse Solutions in New Jersey

All warehouse functions and needs are different and unique. Some depend on their equipment to work in cold temperatures while others utilize AI technology to keep their facility running on an extremely tight schedule. No matter how their operation functions, our clients can count on the Barclay Brand Ferdon team to provide warehouse solutions that meet their needs.

Common Warehouse Concerns

Effective warehouse management focuses on several core areas:

  • Cost control
  • Efficiency
  • Accuracy
  • Cleanliness
  • Safety

On the surface, managing a warehouse might look simple, but should any issues arise across one or more core areas, the effects can be far-reaching. The goal many warehouse managers have is to maximize performance in challenging conditions. Some of the more common issues facing warehouses include:

  • Inaccurate inventory: Inventory inaccuracies can develop for many reasons and have a ripple effect throughout a warehouse. When a stock count is off, it can slow down the picking process.
  • Poor layout: Ideally, a warehouse will maximize its layout, making use of both floor and vertical space. Poor layout slows down the picking process, makes it difficult to find stock and can put employees at risk of injury.
  • High costs: From cleaning to stocking to picking, it takes a lot to make a warehouse run. Some warehouse managers find that their costs are high, which impacts a company's bottom line. Cost reduction options can include automation and better transportation.
  • Redundancy: Automation can also help reduce redundancy when multiple workers handle the same ticket.
  • Staffing concerns: Understaffing is a common problem at warehouses in New Jersey and across the country. Adopting automated warehouse equipment reduces the need for skilled labor in your facility. Your team can focus on more pressing concerns while the automated equipment tackles repetitive tasks.

Warehouse Products in New Jersey

Barclay offers various warehouse products that tackle some of the most common warehouse concerns. Take a look at how our warehouse solutions can help you.

Automation Robotics

Automating certain warehouse processes helps reduce redundancies and cut costs. Barclay supplies automated warehouse solutions to companies across New Jersey. Among the products available are:

  • End riders: Robotic end riders from Yale have an attached barcode scanner, which ensures they always pick up the correct pallets. The end rider can run short or long distances and pick up single or double pallets. It has a capacity of 8,000 pounds.
  • Counterbalanced stackers: A counterbalanced stacker allows you to easily reach the upper levels of your warehouse. It operates in vertical and horizontal applications and doesn't require you to invest in additional infrastructure. Counterbalanced stackers have a capacity between 1,730 and 2,600 pounds.
  • Robotic reach trucks: Protect your team from falls or tip-overs with robotic reach trucks. They can remove or deposit pallets onto shelves up to 30 feet high. Using a reach truck also helps you make the most use of the vertical storage space at your facility.
  • Tow tractors: A robotic tow tractor hauls up to 15,000 pounds in a standard trailer. It can also sequence in assembly operations and group items together to be supplied as a single unit.

Barclay Offers Custom Solutions for Unique Challenges

By combining our team’s industry knowledge with our expansive product line and “customer is first”  client support services, we provide ideal warehouse solutions for clients across a broad spectrum of industries, including, but not limited to:

  • Retail
  • Construction
  • Healthcare
  • Food and beverage
  • Campuses
  • Special-use facilities

To meet the needs of all, we offer several material handling services, including equipment rentals, new and pre-owned equipment and systems, professional safety training, robotic technology, and much more. To get started on a custom solution for your operation’s unique applications, call us at 908-223-8580 to request a quote.