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Some equipment is essential for warehouses and similar workplaces, and forklifts are among them. Forklifts make it quick and easy to get your products where they need to go. But what kind of forklift should you choose — gas-powered or electric? Some businesses may select the former due to misconceptions about electric forklifts. However, this equipment offers many of the same benefits as gas-powered options, plus several unique advantages.

To facilitate the decision, the team at Barclay Brand Ferdon, serving New Jersey and New York, shows you the potential of these modern machines and how the seeming disadvantages of electric forklifts can work in your favor.

Myths About Electric Forklifts

Electric forklifts provide your business with reliable machinery for day-to-day operations. However, some may view electric forklifts negatively, seeing them as a lesser option when comparing them to their gas-powered counterparts. Unfortunately, these individuals base their decision on false notions about electric forklifts, such as:

They Are Too Costly (Not True)

When looking at upfront costs, many will point out that electric forklifts have a higher price tag. The cost for electric forklifts includes batteries, charging stations, and the equipment itself — these items are relatively expensive. However, while electric forklifts may initially cost more, they are typically more budget-friendly than gas-powered lift trucks in the long run.

 Electric forklifts have fewer moving parts and, therefore, need minimal maintenance. The result is a much lower cost of ownership. Dependable and long-lasting batteries also help reduce the expense of using an electric forklift.

They Are Too Slow (Not True)

While people often perceive gas-powered forklifts as faster, electric options have their own advantages in terms of efficiency. They generally have a smaller turning radius, which allows for more maneuverability when operating in tight spaces. This aspect saves time in a crowded warehouse. Also, the lack of clutch and inching pedals makes them drive easier. With no outside fuel storage tank reducing visibility, drivers spend more time working and less time worrying about potential accidents.

They Aren’t Powerful Enough (Not True)

Nowadays, many electric lift trucks handle high capacities, allowing them to take on big jobs like gas forklifts. Furthermore, their low center of gravity makes them safe and stable machines that will suit your needs with less risk of tipping.

While comparable in strength because of their battery-powered design, electric forklifts are much quieter than gas-powered lift trucks. In other words, operators and workers can hear horns and backup signals and move away from the machinery before it injures them.

Besides safety in the workplace, electric forklifts have a more eco-friendly energy source. Their batteries are better for the environment as they don’t provide the tailpipe emissions of their gas counterparts and have fewer waste fluids. Cleaner energy also means less time spent on maintenance.

Our Electric Offerings

At Barclay Brand Ferdon, we have a wide selection of electric forklifts to assist you in finding what’s best for you and your business. We feature three-wheel and four-wheel options from Yale, one of the most popular brands. If you are looking at pre-owned equipment selections, you’ll find several models from Yale and Drexel. We even offer short-term equipment rentals if you need them for one job.

Whether you are looking for gas or electric forklifts, at Barclay Brand Ferdon we have the equipment you need. We provide the following types of truck lifts and other equipment to help you get the job done:

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