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yale pneumatic tire forklift

At Barclay, we know you face tough operational challenges both inside and outside of your material handling applications. That’s why we carry Class V, internal-combustion (IC) engine, pneumatic tire, sit-down driver Yale® GP-VX and GP-MX forklifts.

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yale pneumatic forklift gpvx

Maximum Productivity

Often called “yard trucks”, these units are primarily used in outdoor applications but can also be used indoors for certain large warehouse application needs. The body of the lift truck is very similar to the Class IV counterpart, but the tires pneumatic tires uniquely change the environment in which the forklift is used. Solid pneumatic tires can also used for specific industry uses such as lumberyards. These beasts of burden capacities range from 3,000-19,000 lbs.

yale large pneumatic forklift gpvx

In-N-Out Efficiency

Designed with maneuverability, efficiency and speed in mind, Yale pneumatic tire forklifts have a long work life and are rugged and durable. From light duty to heavy duty, these pneumatic tire forklifts are designed to provide excellent performance, while giving you the best bang for your buck. Versatility is this forklift’s middle name with application handling everything from a single pallet to a shipping container.

pnuematic forklift outdoors

Hot Stuff. Cold Stuff.

With the ability to handle from 3,000 to 19,000 lbs., Yale’s pneumatic tire forklifts provide a wide range of configurations to meet your specific challenges. Whether in cold temperatures or hot, the Yale pneumatic tire forklift is engineered to be flexible for all your material handling challenges. This forklift series requires less maintenance giving it a longer work life. The innovative cooling system even lowers operating temperatures to increase productivity and performance.

pneumatic forklift indoor outdoors

More, More

With Yale’s dedication to producing forklifts that maximize operator comfort for more productivity and better safety, the pneumatic tire forklifts will help optimize your operations. Ready to be used with a variety of forklift attachments to customize for your unique needs, while boosting productivity and efficiency. The fact that the Yale® GP-VX and GP-MX forklifts increase uptime and performance for both medium and heavy-duty applications helps these lift trucks reduce labor costs and operator overtime.