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yale narrow aisle forklift

Tight Squeeze Is Our Specialty

Reach trucks have maneuverability that the typical counterbalanced truck cannot possibly achieve. The typical counter-balanced truck requires double the aisle width limiting stacking height. Reach trucks operate in reduced aisle widths and can stack 5 levels high without downrating. This makes reach trucks ideal for high density warehouse facilities with taller and narrower aisles of racking, providing maximum storage capacity from an existing facility footprint. With many models, configurations, lift heights, to choose from, contact Barclay today to learn which reach truck provides the best viable solution to your storage needs.

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yale MR reach truck

Reach For New Heights

With the capability of handling loads from 3,000 to 4,000 lbs., Yale’s narrow aisle reach trucks are fast, ergonomically designed and versatile solutions for today’s warehousing applications. With innovative Yale® iSi Technology™, control systems are consistent across the warehouse line, making it easier for personnel to operate while allowing for customization based on operator skill.

yale order selector narrow aisle forklift

Select Faster, More Accurate Picking

Yale order selectors and pickers are capable of handling loads from 1,500 to 3,000 lbs. and come with Yale iSi Technology™ for easier integration into your regular and narrow aisle warehouse applications. Known for reliability and durability, these pickers are equipped with a 24-volt AC motor to perform quickly and accurately without overheating. Designed for more uptime, when necessary, these pickers are engineered for simple and convenient to service.