One of the main goals of the Earth Day movement is to reduce emissions that contribute to health impacts and air quality across the world. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the use of fossil fuels contributes to: 

• Temperature: Increasing greenhouse gases are linked to rising temperatures
• Air Quality: Greenhouse gases are linked to ozone layer depletion which is implicated in increased respiratory health problems

Inside your warehouse applications, electrically-powered equipment can have a positive impact on the air quality, and in turn, have a positive impact on your employees’ health. At one point, fuel-powered engines were the only answer for many of your warehouse and material handling applications, but the industry has come a long way and that’s no longer the case. Today’s electric equipment is designed to handle even your toughest inside jobs.

According to the Electric Power Research Institute, converting a fleet to electric can reduce the environmental imprint by over 14,000 lbs. of carbon dioxide and 6,200 lbs. of carbon monoxide per unit annually.



A Barclay professional representative is ready to help you find the most effective electric forklifts and material handling equipment to meet your needs and applications. The Yale lift truck brand has a full electric line, including pallet trucks, order selectors, pallet stackers, order pickers, reach trucks, very narrow aisle equipment, tow trucks and 3 or 4 wheel rider forklifts in various lifting capacities and tire types.  There are now even more choices available to power and charge electric equipment including Lithium Ion and Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technology.

Eliminating harmful emissions, minimal noise, decreased maintenance and increased operator efficiency: These are a few of the ways using battery-powered equipment can help your company achieve the desired results – and help you reduce your carbon footprint this Earth Day.

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