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warehouse robotics pallet jack

Robotic Automation For Today’s Production & Labor Force Challenges

These days, increased automation can be seen across industries. Why? Automation answers many of today’s challenges: labor force shortages, repetitive tasks that use up valuable resources and staff and increasing safety in the workplace. At Barclay, we have professionals to help you implement or optimize robotics in your operation in budget-friendly ways.

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Download the ROI of Robotics

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why use a robotic automated lifttruck
yale robotic end rider pallet jack

Robotic End Rider

With the ability to load up to 8,000 lbs., the Yale® robotic end rider pallet jack Driven by Balyo can transport single or double pallets and uses a bar code scanner to ensure the appropriate pallets are under transfer. From dock to stock and back, the robotic end rider is great for short and long distance moves through the warehouse. Flexibility to switch from automated to manual operation when necessary.

yale robotic tow tractor

Robotic Tow Tractor

Able to haul up to 15,000 lbs., Yale’s tow tractor Driven by Balyo is great for stock replenishment and material hauling. This equipment comes in standard trailer handling configurations and is handy for sequencing in assembly operations and kitting separate items to be supplied as one unit.

yale mc10 15 robotic counterbalanced stacker

Robotic Counterbalanced Stacker

With the Yale robotic counterbalanced stacker Driven by Balyo, you can move 1,730 to 2,600 lbs. and deposit or remove pallets from the second or third levels. Especially adaptive to repetitive tasks such as transferring pallet loads from floor staging areas to conveyor lines. Works in both horizontal and vertical applications and requires no additional “costly” infrastructure.

yale robotic reach truck forklift

Robotic Reach Truck

The Yale robotic reach truck, guided by JBT Intelligent, has double-deep reaching capabilities and can deposit or remove pallets from as high as 30 ft. This truck is perfect for operations where vertical storage space is utilized and is a heavy hitter in narrow aisle and VNA situations.