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Cold Weather Calls for Emissions Testing

A brutal winter has sent shivers around the country and in New Jersey it’s not over yet. Cold weather and biting winds whistling through the warehouse environment may cause employees to batten down the hatches by closing normal venting outlets such as doors, windows and skylights. It opens the possibility of carbon monoxide (CO) levels rising to an unsafe level. Carbon monoxide, a colorless and odorless gas, is a by-product of all internal combustion engines. In this scenario, it’s time to have a Barclay technician check your emission levels and, if necessary, perform a tune up.

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Double Award Winner: Yale Scores Two Top Product Awards

More than 1,200 readers of Materials Handling Product News (MHPN) reinforced Barclay’s commitment to Yale by naming not one, but two, Yale products as winners in the third annual Readers’ Choice Product of the Year awards. The Yale® MC10-15 counterbalanced stacker Driven by Balyo came out on top in the automated guided vehicles (AGV) category, and the direct-store delivery (DSD) package for the Yale® MPB045-VG electric pallet truck won in the lift trucks and accessories category.

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National Ergonomics Month Is A Cause For Reduced Pain

It is a plain and simple fact that work should not hurt. But the reality is that almost all industries have tasks that can cause the worker or operator to have repetitive motions that can eventually become a pain in the neck - back, shoulder, wrist or ankle for that matter. Back in October of 2003 that Human Factors and Ergonomics Society (HFES) founded the month of October as the official National Ergonomics Awareness Month to bring awareness to the issue and help promote the cause to improve product designs to lessen the negative impact on humans.

The material handling industry by its very nature of moving heavy products around is at the center of products in continuous need for ergonomic improvements. Whether we are talking about forklifts, narrow aisle equipment, aerial platforms or other material handling equipment operator comfort helps reduce stress, strain and fatigue. Which in turn helps increase productivity and safety throughout the operator shift.

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