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When Do You Need an EX Rated Forklift or Pallet Jack?

Facilities where flammable and/or volatile materials are present require specific equipment designed to minimize the risk of open fire and explosions. This equipment is Explosion Proof (EX) rated to strictly control temperature, static and other factors that cause dangerous explosions. Should your business invest in EX rated forklifts? The material handling equipment experts at Barclay Brand Ferdon explain how EX rated forklifts improve safety and where they should be used.

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NexSys Forklift Battery Charging Safety Precautions to Observe

NexSys industrial batteries by EnerSys are gaining popularity, and for good reason. These rugged, high-tech powerhouses offer lasting use and are optimized for opportunity charging, making them a smart choice when multiple shifts work around the clock. And while NexSys forklift batteries are as safe as they are reliable, it’s still important to take precautions during charging. Protect your team – and your investment – with these forklift battery charging safety tips from Barclay Brand Ferdon.

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The New Yale® End Rider Pallet Trucks Are Here

On February 11, 2019, Yale Materials Handling Corporation announced the debut of its new end rider pallet truck series – the Yale® MPE060-080VH – which you can preview now at Barclay Brand Ferdon. This series of end riders was designed to be more ergonomic, productivity-enhancing and serviceable than ever before. Here are just some of the benefits that the latest electric end rider pallet jacks from Yale have to offer.

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How Do You Know When Your Lift Truck Tires Need to Be Replaced

Lift truck tires need to be replaced on a regular basis. As the rubber starts to wear away with use, it can impair the truck’s overall handling and performance. However, because tires don’t necessarily come with an expiration date, you have to rely on visual cues to let you know when it’s time for new ones. To help you better manage your fleet’s maintenance, review these tire care tips from the technicians at Barclay Brand Ferdon.

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Maintaining Your Electric Pallet Jacks

For many warehouses, moving materials is a 24/7 job. But as long as you keep your electric pallet jacks in good working condition, you’ll be ready for whatever comes through the dock doors. Anytime you need maintenance, repairs or replacement parts, call on the service technicians at Barclay Brand Ferdon to help extend the life and maintain the safety of your pallet jacks.

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Your Business is Logistics, Not Lift Trucks: Short-Term Rentals or Long-Term Solutions

Purchasing a lift truck isn't the right path for every warehouse, every time. In some cases it makes more sense to invest in owned forklifts, but often times, businesses find that renting can make better financial sense. If you're in need of reliable lift trucks for your fleet but aren't sure whether to buy or rent, Barclay Brand Ferdon shares some insights into how to make the best decision for your business.

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Do the Math: Convert Your LPG Fleet to Electric

Have you made the switch to fully electric lift trucks yet? Research shows that companies can actually save a lot of money by doing so. The average LPG truck costs about $5,200 a year, whereas the average electric truck only costs about $1,066. Crunch the numbers with Barclay and discover all the ways in which converting your fleet to electric can benefit you.

The Numbers Don't Lie

Yale Electric with CabSwitching to electric works out to save you about 70—80% in fuel costs. This is a significant advantage. As you likely know, the cost of fueling LPG trucks is expensive and unpredictable. Gas prices constantly fluctuate, making it hard to lock in a budget each year and ultimately preventing you from investing in other areas of your business.

Additionally, electric trucks are cheaper to maintain, about 40% cheaper, in fact. They generally require less yearly and lifetime maintenance and experience less downtime than LP gas powered trucks. Not to mention, you don’t have to worry about replacing engine oil, filters and fluids on a regular basis. The only thing you might have to replace is the industrial battery. But thanks to recent improvements in motive power technologies, newer electric battery options require less maintenance and have longer life spans than previous models. Technologies such as NexSys Maintenance Free batteries, Lithium Ion and Hydrogen Fuel Cells are alternatives to the traditional lead acid batteries offering improved performance, longer life and lower maintenance and replacement costs.

Other Benefits of Switching to Electric Lift Trucks

Yale Electric Lift Truck powered by Hydrogen Fuel Cells – ERC_VG masked with Nuvera cellAside from economic benefits, electric trucks can also provide many operational and environmental benefits, including:

  • Quiet operation, which can help reduce operator fatigue
  • Less downtime and greater productivity
  • No harmful exhaust emissions
  • Better air quality
  • About 30% longer service life than LPG trucks


Even so, some worry that electric lifts can’t perform as well as LPG lifts. That may have been true in the past, but now they’re quite comparable. The latest Yale electric models can accelerate and lift faster and have longer battery run times. Plus, lifts are available for both indoor and outdoor applications to suit your particular needs.


Start Saving Today

Yale Large Capacity Electric Trucks – Yale ERPVM


More and more companies are replacing their LP gas powered trucks with electric units, and Barclay can help you do the same. Give us a call at (908) 561-2100 or contact us online to do the math and discuss the benefits in detail.

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Is Cheap Lift Truck Service Really Less Expensive in the Long Run?

When deciding on which lift truck service provider to call, be careful not to let cheap hourly labor rates blind you. Opting for lower rates may appear to be the cheapest route, but it’ll cost you in the long run. As they say, you get what you pay for. The next time your lift truck breaks down or needs maintenance, call on the experts at Barclay Brand Ferdon.

Cheap Service Isn’t So Cheap After All

Would you choose a low hourly service rate if it meant higher overall costs and exposure to liability risks for your company? Understand the “true” cost of that “cheap” hourly service rate and the other factors you should consider.

Reduced Repair Times

By using Factory Technicians that undergo continuous training and testing, you have the best opportunity to reduce time of repair. A technician who knows the equipment and is trained in diagnostics can make a big difference in repair costs. Consider this: A 20% difference in hourly rate for a 3 hour repair that takes 4 hours will cost you more, not less.

Equipment Downtime

An OEM lift truck service provider that invests in technologies and parts inventories can offer better response time, high fill rate on parts availability, OEM quality parts and proper Operational Maintenance to prevent breakdowns. Lost productivity due to equipment downtime can be costly.

Right Size” your fleet

Excessive equipment and the potentially corresponding labor is extremely costly!! The cost of just (1) additional “underutilized” truck can be huge. A responsible Materials Handling Service provider should offer you continuous analysis and management reporting to prevent overspending and inefficiencies.

Stay in Control

A true partner helps you understand your “total” Fleet Maintenance Expense and will guide you to emerging technologies that may help reduce costs over the long run. 

Reduce your Risk

A Service Technician will spend time within your operation and alongside your employees. Accidents can happen. Reduce your risk by selecting a partner with adequate, responsible liability Insurance Coverage. You will be surprised by what that low hourly rate doesn’t cover.

Improve Safety & Reduce Product Damage

A good Service provider also provides on-going OSHA Operator Safety Training programs and thorough Equipment Safety Inspections. Many companies do not perform all that the manufacturer requires during a regular operation maintenance interval. 

Protect Your Investment

A lift truck is a big investment, choosing the right Service Provider and Maintenance Plan is essential in protecting that investment as well as assuring the lowest overall cost over the life of the equipment.

To learn more about maintenance programs at Barclay, contact a representative today.

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Replacement Parts for All Brands

The team at Barclay Brand Ferdon has years of experience in fleet management and service repairs.   We understand that the largest expense of owning a lift truck or any other type of materials handling equipment is NOT the acquisition price but the costly repairs and maintenance of that equipment over time.  Getting the right replacement parts on time at a reasonable price is one critical aspect of keeping those costs to a minimum.

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Good Operational Maintenance Can Save Your Company More than Money

Operational Maintenance Before and After A lot of companies don’t realize just how valuable a planned operational maintenance program can be. Not only can it help keep your lift trucks, dock levelers, overhead doors and other equipment working properly, but it can also impact your operations in many other ways.  In this blog post, Barclay Brand Ferdon explores what those benefits entail.

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Get the Equipment You Need For the Holiday Rush

Order Picker RentalsWhen it comes to warehouse operations, the arrival of the holiday season signals the most hectic time of the year. Consumer demand increases, and that means more products must be moved more efficiently than ever. Fortunately, the right equipment can keep your facility running smoothly. Learn more about how Barclay provides current model, short term equipment to help your company maximize productivity during the busy holiday rush.

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Lift Truck Fleet Telemetry – Managing Your Fleet Wirelessly

Yale Battery Vision Benefits

More and more warehouse managers are relying on lift truck fleet telemetry to help with everyday oversight. It allows them to monitor safety, efficiency and productivity around the entire warehouse—all in the palm of their hand. If you’re interested in integrating telemetry into your operations, Barclay Brand Ferdon offers a few key insights into the process below.

Understanding Lift Truck Fleet Telemetry

Yale Battery VisionTelemetry is defined as a communications process by which data is collected and wirelessly transmitted to another piece of equipment. In this situation, it means the data from lift trucks can be sent to a manager’s laptop, computer or tablet for review at any time.

When they log on, managers can quickly get all the information they need to keep the warehouse running smoothly. The telemetry system can tell them…

  • When it’s time for individual truck maintenance
  • Information about accident occurrences
  • When employees need to complete their safety training
  • Labor requirements
  • Lift Truck Utilization – fleet “right sizing”
  • And more…

Essentially, telemetry gives managers the data they need to streamline and improve their operation in a simple and convenient way.

Benefits of Using Lift Truck Fleet Telemetry

Data Driven WarehouseTelemetry systems help managers be proactive about things going on around the warehouse. If it’s almost time for a lift truck's regular maintenance, they can schedule it proactively to prevent additional repairs and downtime. Similarly, if an employee isn’t practicing proper safety procedures while operating a machine, they can intervene with additional training before an accident happens.

Other benefits of a lift truck fleet telemetry system include:

  • Maximize Productivity
  • Gives easy access to data at any time, so managers are always informed
  • Makes it easier to uphold safety and maintenance standards
  • Helps maximize ROI of your assets
  • Works with almost any lift truck

20-20 Vision 24 hours a DayFor example, at Barclay, we offer the Yale Vision telemetry system. Even though it’s designed by Yale, it’s compatible with all OEM brands of lift trucks as well. It is an option on new Lift Trucks or can be added to an existing fleet.

For electric lift trucks, fleet owners should consider industrial battery telemetry. Yale® Battery Vision is a solution that offers insight to better care for your batteries, an often overlooked but expensive asset. By having access to data, batteries can be monitored for better performance and longer life.

Improve Warehouse Efficiency Today

Yale Vision photoWhether you have 10 lift trucks or 100, adding telemetry will assist in managing your fleet to maximize productivity, improve safety and increase ROI. Contact Barclay Brand Ferdon and ask about getting lift truck fleet telemetry for your warehouse to take advantage of this powerful technology.

View a quick video.

Download white paper.

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Reaching Higher with Yale's MR Moving Mast Reach Truck Series


Consumers today demand a variety of choices forcing distribution and fulfillment centers to take on more SKUs and complexity as well as increase storage space. Fitting more product (pallet positions) into the same space by decreasing aisle widths and increasing pallet rack heights is a must for many companies to lower costs and compete. 

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Introducing NexSys Industrial Batteries

You've carefully selected the best equipment for your business. But have you outfitted that equipment with batteries designed specifically for the demands of your work environment? With a rugged build and technologies to suit multi-shift operations and public spaces alike, EnerSys NexSys industrial batteries available from Barclay Brand Ferdon deliver the power necessary to keep you up and running.  Learn more about these convenient batteries to determine if they're the best option for your equipment.

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Gain an Edge: Yale Pallet Jacks with the Direct Store Delivery Package

Worker With Pallet

With a host of efficiencies for manufacturers and retailers alike, Direct Store Delivery (DSD) has become an increasingly popular way for businesses to supply stores with their products.  By bypassing retail distribution centers, suppliers can speed delivery times for perishable or high demand products and gain more control over merchandise replenishment and displays at the retail level.   Direct Store Delivery has been adopted by food, beverage, personal care as well as many different service supply industries.

The one challenge that DSD strategy poses for truck drivers is the availability of necessary equipment to unload product from trailer into store.  Reliance on store owned equipment is not ideal for quick and efficient unloading and poses challenges to meeting a full day of truck deliveries in a timely fashion.

Always keeping a finger on the pulse of customer needs, Yale responded to the growth of DSD with electric pallet jacks equipped with an industry exclusive “Direct Store Delivery Package”, a set of features optimized specifically for the demands of a DSD distribution strategy.  Learn more about what the Direct Store Delivery Package can offer with this overview from Barclay Brand Ferdon.

What Makes DSD Pallet Jacks Unique

In addition to the standard features of motorized Yale pallet jacks, the DSD models come outfitted with the following:

  • Exclusive handle design to give operators complete control over the pallet jack
  • Movable load bracket and single-fork configuration to accommodate loads of various shapes and sizes
  • Load retention strap to secure each load, making it ideal for items that require special handling
  • One-hand throttle activation that enables excellent visibility and allows operators to work closer to the truck
  • Mid-mount steer handle and creep speed functionality for use in narrow aisles and tight spaces while moving and delivering products

Fully optimized for the needs of delivery truck drivers, these pallet jacks support fast loading and unloading and energy efficiency and offer a rugged, flexible design built for the productivity mindset essential to DSD operations.

The Advanced Performance Power System

The Direct Store Delivery package for Yale pallet jacks is a product of innovation boasting a host of award-winning features.  As an industry first, we’re seeing  a UL-recognized, factory-installed lithium-ion battery used to power a pallet truck—as opposed to the conventional lead acid battery configuration.

This is significant, because lithium-ion batteries are much more energy efficient and easier to maintain. There are no spills, fumes or cleaning necessary for a lithium-ion battery, which means less oversight and more productivity.

Streamline DSD Operations Today

Ready to learn more about the benefits of Yale's Direct Store Delivery Package? Contact Barclay Brand Ferdon at 908-561-2100 or contact us online – a member of our team will answer your questions and help you choose the pallet jacks that can help your business save time and money.

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Our Process for Pre-Owned Warehouse Equipment

Used Forklift Before and After

While used warehouse equipment is more affordable than purchasing new equipment, if not purchased from a reputable provider, it can often cost you more in the long run. You can count on Barclay to supply the safest, most reliable products that will be matched to your materials handling application and budget. From start to finish, here’s a behind-the-scenes look at our pre-owned equipment process that explains how we source and prepare each piece of used equipment before delivery to our customer.

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Carry More, Move Faster with a Powered Material Handling Cart

Productivity is a constant priority for Plant & Warehouse Managers which makes it a priority for us here at Barclay. While we can’t help with audits and staffing, we can provide products that help people move more efficiently.  One of those products is the powered material handling cart.

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First Downs to Touchdowns: Barclay Free Pick’Um Contest is Back!

First Downs to Touchdowns: Barclay Free Pick’Um Contest is Back!

It’s not a fantasy! Barclay’s FREE annual Forklifts & Football Pick’Um! Contest for our loyal Barclay customers is back! Let’s get ready to have some fun and win some great prizes! It’s easy!

As we watch our favorite – and our not-so-favorite – teams battle it out for 17 weeks of the regular NFL season, just take a few minutes every week to pick who you think will come out on top of each week’s NFL matchups. Those who come out with the most correct picks each week will win some great prizes from Barclay, including a grand prize of 4 tickets to any 2019 season NY Giants home game – your pick!

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Yale Innovation Earns GOOD DESIGN Award

Yale Innovation Earns GOOD DESIGN Award

As warehouse decision makers face challenges involving making the most of space limitations, the industry looks for equipment that can work quickly and efficiently in tighter, narrower spaces. The Yale MR14-25 moving mast reach truck has been named a GOOD DESIGN award winner in the industrial category by the Chicago Athenaeum for its ability to answer those application challenges.

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Moving Loads Safely – A Solution to an Application Challenge Using SICK Safety Sensors


Materials Handling Challenge:

During a site visit with a very good Barclay customer to review a new Yale Reach Truck for his operation, our customer explained a problem they were having. There were two doorways that divided the areas of the facility where the reach trucks had to transport pallet loads of material. Apparently there had been several instances when the lift truck operator did not lower the load enough before entering the doorway causing damage to the lift truck and the load.  Our first suggestion was to provide more Operator Safety Training to improve awareness and discipline but after discussing further, the customer felt that this was not enough to prevent future occurrences.

Materials Handling Solution: SICK Safety Sensors

Barclay Rep Chuck Romaniak recommended a product by SICK USA, a leading producer of sensors for automation.  He set up a site visit with the Manufacturer Rep and demo of the product. It worked very well. Both doorways were outfitted with sensors and the reach truck with a variable alarm linked to the back-up alarm to make it loud enough for the noisy environment. The customer was provided with the software to adjust and or rebalance the system as needed. The technology is new for this type of application but is basically the same as what they use for E-Z Pass systems.

If you are interested in Safety and Productivity ideas for your warehouse, contact Barclay.  We listen and respond to your challenges.



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