what to look for in an equipment warranty

Equipment warranties are designed to safeguard your business against high costs for repairs and replacements. A good warranty will likely increase the cost of your purchase, but it can provide valuable protection that lets you operate freely and confidently in the long term. 

What Are The Signs of a Good Equipment Warranty?

What makes a warranty worth your money? Let’s take a look at some of the factors you should keep an eye out for. 


Chances are your business doesn’t have thousands of dollars lying around to cover high repair costs when a machine breaks. Those costs aside, inoperable equipment will result in project delays, leading to revenue loss and unsatisfied customers.

A suitable equipment warranty will protect your budget, ensuring you have the support you need when things go wrong. It should cover the cost of repairs, parts and transportation to give you peace of mind and eliminate long stretches of downtime. You’ll be free to do what you do with the confidence your investment is secure and ready to fulfill its potential. 

Replacement Parts

When agreeing to a warranty, make sure you read the fine print. This is usually where a dealer will tell you what they cover — and where you can figure out what they don’t.

The best construction equipment warranties will cover high-quality replacement parts and the labor it takes to install them. If a warranty doesn’t cover parts, you’ll need to factor them into your budget.

Lasting Value 

There’s a chance you’ll sell your equipment before it’s reached the end of its life, especially if you want to upgrade to a newer model. A machine with a valid warranty is far more appealing to potential buyers than one without. It shows that you’ve kept up with regular maintenance and repairs. Some warranties allow you to transfer coverage to a buyer, which is an extremely desirable perk. Look for extended warranties, particularly for specialized equipment you might not use for every job. 

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