Save Time And Money With Fleet Management Services From Barclay

Your company’s productivity relies on a forklift fleet that operates at maximum efficiency. Unfortunately, effective fleet utilization involves oversight of several wide-ranging factors, and it’s easy for important information to fall through the cracks.

Many supply chain and logistics companies are turning to the ease and convenience of outsourced fleet management. Barclay offers customers in central and northern NJ a first-class program that simplifies fleet management while reducing the bottom line up to 25 percent.

Better Fleet Utilization Through Technology

Technology has revolutionized fleet management systems. In the past, data such as contract costs, maintenance schedules and usage tracking had to be gathered, updated and monitored manually.

Today, telemetry lets machines and managers communicate electronically in real time. An unprecedented amount of data is available at your fingertips instantly via desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone for constant connectivity.

Presenting Yale Vision – Optimize Your Fleet Wirelessly

Barclay proudly utilizes the Yale Vision wireless asset management system. True to its name, Yale Vision allows you to see all the information you need through customized dashboards that handle data analysis and provide concise, interactive reports.

With three different levels, Yale Vision is scalable to accommodate the needs of any operation, regardless of size.

  • Level 1 is a wireless monitoring package that tracks key performance indicator data, records and responds to fault codes, senses and reports impacts and creates a preventive maintenance program.
  • Level 2 builds on Level 1 with the addition of a proximity card reader that connects monitoring to a specific operator. This improves safety by preventing unauthorized access and enabling automatic shutdown.
  • Level 3 combines the first two levels with the ability to perform mandatory OSHA checklists electronically.

Wireless asset management can reduce operational maintenance costs by up to 30 percent and increase fleet utilization by up to 80 percent. Can you afford to pass up those benefits?

Our professional fleet service team is ready to help your central and northern NJ business start maximizing returns while minimizing costs. Contact Barclay to schedule an appointment for a friendly member of our team to provide a demonstration of Yale Vision in action.


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