Though simple to use, it goes without saying that a lift truck is a powerful, oftentimes delicate piece of equipment. As such, it is vital that regular maintenance is practiced to keep the vehicle operating smoothly.

This ensures against workplace injury or other accidents, as well as increase general life expectancy of your asset and enhance up-time efficiencies. Barclay recommends the following steps be taken to keep your lift truck in optimal condition:

  • Inspect your hydraulic system for leaks
  • Regularly replace corroded, broken or misaligned lift mast chains
  • Measure blade thickness of lift truck fork, replace if thickness has been reduced by 10%
  • Examine mast hose for cracks, gouges or breaks
  • Examine forklift tires for wear, cracks or chunking
  • For Electric Lift Trucks, perform the appropriate charging methods and water level checks of your industrial battery
  • Clean weekly to prevent the buildup of combustible materials
Barclay technician working on forklift

Internal Combustion Engine Lift Trucks

Perhaps the most vital component of your gas, LPG or diesel-powered lift truck is the engine, which requires regular tune-ups and maintenance in the interests of operational and fuel efficiency. This includes:

  • Regular oil changes
  • Filter replacements
  • Refilling transmission, hydraulic and brake fluids as required
  • Adjusting and lubricating all linkages
  • Regularly inspecting the induction and cooling systems, as well as the master cylinder

More in-depth, largescale service repairs can be mitigated with a preventative Total Maintenance Program structured and performed by Barclay Brand Ferdon service technicians. Get in touch with us today for more information.


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