Successful day-to-day operations depend on your ability to move products and workers without missing a step

With the specifics of your operations in mind, Barclay Brand Ferdon provides warehouse transport solutions that keep your facility safe, productive, efficient and economical day in and day out.

Our Warehouse Transport Equipment

To optimize your facility’s warehouse transportation processes, our experts will evaluate your space constraints, safety concerns, and budget. After detailed analysis, they will develop a customized plan to maximize gains using one or more of the following types of equipment:

Amigo order picking cart

Handling Carts

With one of our budget-friendly handling carts, your facility can enhance its productivity levels with the highest degree of efficiency. Depending on the model you select, our Amigo handling carts can be used to transport people, to handle small or mid-sized material loads, or as a detachable, manual platform truck.

Taylor Dunn orange utility vehicle

Utility Vehicles

When employees must navigate warehouses with stock in tow, we can supply functional utility vehicles to help them. We proudly represent brands like Yale and Taylor-Dunn. Industrial carts provide many benefits and ensure safe transportation with precision for multiple uses.

yale pallet jack

End Riders

With an optimized fleet of end riders, your warehouse could streamline its picking processes without risking employee fatigue. Some of our most popular options include Yale’s durable M Series, the safety focused MPR enclosed end riders and versatile MPE end riders. When operating one of these pieces of equipment, workers can rely on enhanced safety and durable engineering. It all adds up to increased uptime and huge financial gains for you.

Warehouse Robotic Pallet Jack

Robotics and Automation

The material handling industry is constantly searching for new ways to get more done while using fewer resources. In recent years, innovations like robotic and automated equipment have offered ways for warehouses to solve labor shortage issues, repetitive processes, dangerous tasks, and more. Robotics and automated solutions provide an excellent opportunity to enhance your facility’s safety and efficiency while lowering costs for more streamlined operation.

Warehouse Solutions for Any Application

Material handling operations span multiple industries, including food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, distribution, and many more. With more than 20 years of service to businesses in Central and Northern NJ, Barclay learned how unique and different warehouse operations and needs are.  There are many different circumstances faced by every one of them.  We have seen a lot and learned a lot. We use that experience to give you the best solution for the best cost. Barclay Brand Ferdon provides smart application solutions to overcome any challenge.

Our warehouse transport equipment helps any facility achieve their production goals.  The solution we offer will be within the bounds of your budget and space allotment. Barclay utilizes common sense thinking for clients to customize their material handling fleets. Our financing options are tailored to your overall financial needs.  We offer new, pre-owned, and rental equipment which will cater to your financial strategy. To learn more about warehouse solutions and other material handling equipment, contact Barclay Brand Ferdon today for a free evaluation or to request a free quote.


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