Crews count on forklifts every day. Wear and tear is inevitable — and when your forklift is out of commission, it can result in reduced productivity and unexpected expenses. Keep the importance of regular forklift service and parts replacement in mind, and you can keep your machine on the job.

The Benefits of Regular Forklift Maintenance & Parts

The Benefits of Regular Forklift Maintenance and Parts

Productivity is one of many factors to consider when it comes to following a sound forklift service regime. Servicing your forklift at the required intervals and replacing parts when needed offers several benefits for your business.

Reduce the Risk of Costly Problems

Checking the performance of your machine and its parts at regular intervals is key to keeping everything in working order. Technicians can detect faults early and deal with them before they become bigger problems. If you continue to operate a machine with a faulty or damaged part, it could cause additional damage and end up costing you significantly more.

Proper maintenance also prevents the likelihood of a breakdown, reducing the risk of downtime — plus the associated costs and the adverse effects it may have on your business.

Extend the Life of Your Forklift

A forklift is a significant investment. You can make the most of it with regular service and parts replacement that increases the life expectancy of your machine. The more mileage you get from your forklift, the greater your return. And a serviced machine is bound to perform optimally for longer, reducing the impact on your productivity as the forklift ages.

Ensure Your Forklift Is Safe for Operators

Keeping employees safe is crucial in any work environment, especially when heavy machinery is involved. Routine maintenance goes a long way to ensuring your forklift is in good working order and safe to operate. Regular service checks offer opportunities to identify and fix potential safety issues before they evolve into bigger hazards for your crew.

Sign up for a Barclay Forklift Maintenance Program

Signing up for a forklift maintenance program will reduce the risk of breakdowns and unexpected repair costs. At Barclay, we build plans tailored to your needs. Whether you prefer a program focused on your forklift’s battery and charger or you want us to handle it all through total maintenance, our gold-certified service technicians are here to keep your operations on track. 

Reach out today to discuss how we can help you reap the benefits of a structured forklift maintenance and parts replacement plan.