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Whether you’re experiencing an unusually high volume of business or need to handle heavier loads in your warehouse, consider renting a forklift. Forklift rentals provide all the benefits of owning one, which means your business can meet new demands without having to fully invest in the equipment permanently. Here, Barclay Brand Ferdon discusses everything you should know before renting a forklift for your business in New Jersey or New York.

Rental Duration

One of the first things to consider is how long you’ll need the rental for, as this will have an impact on the overall price. However, make sure the business you’re renting from can provide the equipment you need for as long as you need it. Sometimes, the job may take longer than you initially anticipated, so when you’re viewing rental companies, check to see if they have an extension policy that allows to you retain the equipment past the initial return date. Additionally, review the rental agreement before you return the forklift to ensure that it’s in similar or better condition than when you received it.

Maximum Weight of Products

Different forklifts handle different levels of capacity, and you’ll need to know the maximum weight of the loads you’ll be moving. If you acquire a rental that doesn’t have the load capacity your products require, the equipment will be put under strain, potentially damaging it. When the load of your materials exceeds the maximum capacity of the forklift, it also places undue stress on the motor, diminishing the efficiency of the forklift.


While the most common attachment you’ll find on a forklift is the fork attachment, several other attachments can be attached to the mast. It’s important to assess your products, and if you realize a normal fork attachment isn’t going to be of use, consider additional attachments like:

  • Anti-spark fork
  • Carpet fork
  • Clamps
  • Rotators
  • Telescopic fork

Each attachment serves a very specific purpose, so consider the type of material your business will be moving. If you find that you’ll need more than just the regular fork, speak to the rental company ask if there’s any specialized attachment that you’d benefit from using.

Dimensions of Your Storage Facility

Lastly, be mindful of the dimensions of your warehouse or storage facility. You’ll want to rent a forklift that can seamlessly maneuver through your facility while also reaching the maximum heights at which you stack your products. Measure the width of the aisle as well as the amount of overhead space you have.

Forklift Rentals at Barclay Brand Ferdon

Barclay Brand Ferdon provides forklift rentals to Middlesex and Ocean Counties in New Jersey to select areas of New York. Our team of industry experts will help you through every step of the rental process and will work with the needs of your business. The information you bring with you will help us when pairing you with the best equipment for your forklift rental. Contact us today for more information.