Outdoor conditions are harsh on equipment and supplies. To ensure a long-lasting investment for everything you keep outdoors, it is important to seek equipment and storage solutions that are designed for all weather conditions

Barclay Brand Ferdon offers a range of such products from our location in South Plainfield, New Jersey. We offer outdoor forklifts, pallet racks, and a range of protective accessories to businesses throughout North and Central NJ and four counties in New York.

Outdoor Forklifts

Barclay Brand Ferdon has partnered with the industry’s top manufacturers to help you optimize your facility’s efficiency, productivity, and safety. Our selection of equipment stands up to the most rugged environments and includes:

Yale outdoor forklift

Yale GP-VX and GP-MX Forklifts

Yale has a strong reputation as a nationwide leader in materials handling. Over the past 130 years, Yale has produced tough trucks with top-notch utility. For outdoor applications, Yale manufactures internal-combustion (IC) lifts with sturdy pneumatic tires and a range of designs specializing in heavy lifting, maneuverability, extreme temperature applications, and more.

sellick rough terrain STT forklift

Sellick Rough Terrain Lifts

Another industry leader, Sellick is known for its progressive manufacturing and heavy-duty engineering. Its rough terrain forklifts are constructed with pneumatic tires and four-wheel drive for applications in construction, supply yards, salvage, and more. It also offers trailer-mounted models and the long-armed Teletruk for more diverse needs.

Pallet Racking and Storage

We supply a range of racking storage solutions that can withstand tough outdoor conditions. Our products are also customizable to your specific applications and flexible enough to adapt when your needs change. They include:

  • Selective pallet racking: These systems allow for easy storage and retrieval of palletized products and can optimize efficiency when handling multiple SKUs.
  • Double deep racking: Double deep storage enables more optimized and efficient use of space by reducing the number of aisles in your facility.
  • Cantilever racking: Piping, tubing, and lumber are awkward to shelve. Keep them easily in place and prevent product damage with cantilevered storage.
Outdoor Cantelever Rack

  • Drive-in racking: The most space-efficient palletized storage is drive-in racking, as it can safely secure up to 75% more pallets than other racking systems.
  • Flow racking: These systems rely on gravity to transport products from loading to unloading, making flow racking a “first in, first out” solution.
  • Push back pallet racking: For a “last in, first out” set-up, push back pallet racking is ideal for storing non-date-sensitive products in bulk quantities.

Smaller storage systems, including shelving and lockers, are also available through Barclay Brand Ferdon.

Protect Your Employees and Fleet

On top of these solutions, we also offer a range of accessories to improve safety. Guard railings block off safe zones for foot traffic, column protectors help frames last longer, and mesh decking assists in keeping employees safe when your outdoor facility handles flammable materials.

It is also important to protect your fleet from weather, water, salt, and debris. To help you keep your investment in good shape, Barclay Brand Ferdon offers useful accessories such as:

  • Forklift seat covers
  • Cab covers
  • Fork covers
  • And more.

We also provide a range of customizable maintenance plans. We’ll work with you to service and maintain your forklifts within your schedule and budget, complete with full tire service and parts support when something goes wrong.

Choose Barclay Brand Ferdon

Optimize your outdoor facility today with solutions from Barclay Brand Ferdon. Based in South Plainfield, NJ, our outdoor forklifts and other storage aids are available throughout North and Central NJ and four counties in NY. Contact us today to learn more about equipment purchases and rentals or place an order.


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