Order picking accuracy is a major Key Performance Indicator in warehouse operations

When order picking is optimized, warehouses will experience increased efficiency, productivity and cost savings. The equipment you use is the foundation of success. Barclay Brand Ferdon’s dedicated team of material handling specialists can create an effective order picking solution to streamline and improve any inefficiencies in your order picking strategy.

Order Picking Equipment for Many Applications

Our customers need material handling equipment that will operate in any configuration. Narrow Aisle racking configurations, cold storage or high racking elevations to name a few. Picking methods such as zone, batch or cluster picking must be considered as well. The Barclay Brand Ferdon team creates efficient solutions based on the application, need and budget. Barclay will provide the best solution for any unique application. We have access to the most reputable brands like Yale, Mariotti, Amigo, Rico, Taylor-Dunn and more to help clients achieve their order picking goals.

Our assortment of order picking equipment includes:

Turret Truck

Narrow and VNA Solutions

By adopting a narrow or very narrow aisle (VNA) configuration, a warehouse can maximize its storage capacity and productivity without increasing monthly costs. Barclay Brand Ferdon offers a full choice of fully capable equipment, including Yale’s man-up and man-down turret trucks, single and double reach trucks and sturdy order pickers. These highly engineered machines can handle high weight capacities, boast a long mean time before failure and offer a solid, smooth experience for the operator. Ease of use, operator comfort and low cost of ownership are the main benefits of Yale machines.

Apart from our Yale equipment inventory, we also offer Mariotti 3-wheel forklifts, which are nicknamed “the world’s smallest forklifts.” They are known for their versatility and slender frames, making them a great option for use on fragile floors, ramps, and elevators.

Forklift order picking

High Level Picking

For operations that pick full pallets daily or hourly, our LPG, diesel, and electric-powered forklifts offer powerful solutions. These pieces of durable equipment are engineered for both indoor and outdoor use. Any load capacities, height ranges, and rare load configurations can be tackled by any of these trucks.

Amigo order picking cart

Low-Level Picking

If an operation picks smaller amounts of materials, such as businesses that move product from warehouses to retail shelves, we offer many low-level picking solutions to suit the need. One of our more unique solutions, the Amigo Material Handling Cart, offers simple, intuitive operation that’s safe, fast, and ergonomic.

Yale order picker

Multi-Level Picking

In many cases, operations require multi-level order picking on a regular basis. To speed up picking times without compromising operator safety, we recommend the Yale MO series. The Yale MO series was designed to enhance productivity in the picking “sweet spot”. These pieces of equipment are available with fixed or lifting platforms with independent forklifts for first- and second-level picking. Very versatile for cross-docking and load shuttling, allowing one machine to serve multiple purposes.

Futuristic Solutions for Today’s Challenges

After designing your ideal order picking fleet, Barclay Brand Ferdon can then help you incorporate automation into your operations. When AI is integrated into material handling equipment, warehouses often experience heightened efficiency levels, lower costs of labor, and reduced product damage. Whether you’re looking to expand your equipment’s integrating systems with robotics or other products, our experts can answer your pressing questions about automation and help you stay ahead of the industry curve.

If you require a custom order picking solution, don’t hesitate….contact Barclay now! Request a free quote from one of our service providers either online or by calling 908-561-2100.


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