Robotic Lift Trucks For Automated Materials Handling

Increasing productivity in your warehouse or distribution center could be as simple as automating repetitive picking tasks to free up your workers and maximize labor efficiency. Robotic lift trucks make automated material handling a reality! Barclay Brand Ferdon is a material handling equipment company in South Plainfield, New Jersey, serving Central and Northern New Jersey. We have the equipment you need to streamline your operation, including the latest robotic lift trucks on the market.
Task Automation
Automation promises to bring new levels of efficiency and productivity to distributors in a wide array of industries. However, optimizing material handling operations and driving sound ROI starts with automating the right processes for your business. Look for processes that are:

Repetitive, with little variation
Subject to high employee turnover
Troubled with other inefficiencies

Automation Benefits
It just makes sense to automate your warehouse or distribution center with robotic lift trucks once you realize all the benefits you’ll enjoy. Automation with a robotic lift truck offers:

An infrastructure free operation, because it uses your existing structural features, such as walls, racks and columns to self-locate and navigate it

Rapid deployment, because it can run with zero, partial or full integration with your warehouse management systems.

Scalability, because you can start small and expand with your operational needs.

Flexibility to accommodate your changing operational needs by allowing you to switch to manual operating mode with the simple touch of any button.

Where Does It Make Sense In Your Warehouse Or Distribution Center?

Dock to Stock: A robotic lift truck can take over the long hauls from the receiving dock to the stock room.

Low-value Added Tasks: A robotic lift truck can execute low-value added tasks, which effectively frees up staff and helps lower labor expenses.

Stock to Dock: A robotic lift truck can also run merchandise from the stockroom to the loading dock. Integrate your warehouse management systems to provide visibility of load movement and increase accuracy.

Long Load Transfers: A robotic lift truck can easily transfer loads over long distances without taking up any of your workers’ valuable time.

Increasing Productivity: Dispatch multiple robotic lift trucks simultaneously and increase productivity even further.

Get Automated
We help you re-think your warehouse! Advances in technology and guidance systems have provided a new generation of robotic lift trucks. For more information on how automation helps your operation, contact us at 908-223-8580 today!

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Yale Pallet Truck

Introducing A Safe and Stable Warehousing Solution

They’ve done it again – designed and manufactured one of the most versatile, safe, simple, and comfortable pieces of equipment yet. Introducing the new Yale MPR-VG Enclosed End Rider, now at Barclay. A machine that is guaranteed to exceed your expectations – the Yale MPR brings a new level of safety and productivity to your warehouse.

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You’re Going to Flip For This!

Barclay’s new product and service brochure is now available online.
Click here to view as flip book.

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The Green Fork in the Road: Fuel Powered vs Electric Forklifts

As companies become increasingly aware of the effects fuel powered equipment have on the quality of the environment in and around the warehouse, many businesses are taking action to reduce their carbon imprint through the use of electric forklifts and other material handling equipment.

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Yale’s Lithium-Ion Battery Technology Earns Recognition

The awards keep rolling in for Yale equipment. For the third year in a row, Food Engineering has named Yale Materials Handling Corporation a 2015 Top Green Provider for the food and beverage industry.

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Man On Yale Equipment

Yale Reach Truck Achieves Another Milestone

Yale’s Narrow Aisle Reach Truck has proven to be versatile and functional, improving warehouse efficiency and optimizing space, so it came as no surprise when this impeccably designed reach truck was awarded a 2014 GOOD DESIGN award by the Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture.

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Yale Experience Center

Yale Experience Center Gives Fresh Perspective

With the opening of its brand new Experience Center in Charlotte, N.C., Yale has taken brand engagement to a whole new level when it comes to bringing together the past, present and future of its lift trucks. 
The Experience Center is a state of the art facility where customers, dealers and employees can come to learn about the Yale brand and mission while interacting with Yale lift trucks in real life scenarios.

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Break Free From Inefficiency With Yale

Every warehouse and distribution facility has unique requirements but all share the same goal to increase efficiencies. It is important to rely on a partner that takes a holistic view of your business. Yale has the most complete range of equipment allowing us to offer unlimited solutions.

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Yale Wheels Keep On Turnin’

These Old Yale’s just keep on going and have a truly incredible history. Built between 1938 and 1940, these machines were originally nicknamed coffin carriers because their primary job was to carry the coffins of fallen troops during World War II.
After the war they were used at Penn Station to carry luggage from the trains to the luggage pick up area and were generally favored because of their perfect fit between the train and platform wall, making them invaluable.

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Yale Forklift Safety Tips

National Forklift Safety Day Encourages Training and Responsibility

With the goal of reducing the hazards associated with forklifts, the Industrial Truck Association (ITA) is in Washington, D.C. today sponsoring the inaugural National Forklift Safety Day.
This event marks the convergence of manufacturers, customers, policymakers and the Administration to provide the unique opportunity for all parties to become educated and informed on industry practices meant to ensure the safest work environments possible.

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Yale Electric Pallet Jack Pin Wheels Around The Competition

Save on transportation costs. Yale MPB045VG units are able to move pallets in and out of tight areas like inside a trailer. Truck packaging affects maneuverability of equipment. Some of these factors that affect include chassis head length, chassis width, bumper profile, fork tip profile, tiller handle position. This means maneuverability is critical when pin-wheeling and loading trailers. The Yale MPB045VG offers the shortest head length in class. Providing it with first-rate maneuverability both in t loading and unloading environments.

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Pallet Jack Increases Productivity Up To 17%

If you are more interested in moving loads than waiting on the pallets to lift, then the Yale MPB walkie pallet jack with the exclusive Smart Lift™ is for you.

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