Every warehouse and distribution facility has unique requirements but all share the same goal to increase efficiencies. It is important to rely on a partner that takes a holistic view of your business. Yale has the most complete range of equipment allowing us to offer unlimited solutions.  

Together, we aim to help utilize every inch of footprint to maximize your storage space, take advantage of creative & flexible lease terms that allow your business to evolve, and seek application matched battery charging strategies to lower costs and improve productivity.  

We have the tools and talent to help you consistently evaluate your fleet, track and correct driver inefficiencies, and perform calculated and predictive maintenance. Our goal is to keep your overall maintenance costs at a minimum and efficiencies maximized to improve your bottom line.

Get started with Yale’s 7-Point Productivity Checkup, an interactive checklist to help determine what areas can use an efficiency boost.

Answering the following questions will show you where your operation is lacking in efficiency:

Are you confident your fleet is the most efficient configuration for your operation?

  • Does your current fleet help you identify and eliminate inefficiencies through real-time data?
  • Is your current fleet maximizing your energy and labor costs per pallet moved?
  • Does your current partner provide the solutions you need to achieve the optimal balance of density and throughput?
  • Is your current fleet partner willing to map payment terms to your cash flow?
  • Do your current finance or lease agreements allow you to scale your fleet up or down to meet demand?
  • Did you know Yale has the largest independent dealer network and OEM fleet program in North America?

Get the right tools and equipment to maximize your operation’s efficiency, contact a Barclay representative today to learn more.