You’ve carefully selected the best equipment for your business. But have you outfitted that equipment with batteries designed specifically for the demands of your work environment? With a rugged build and technologies to suit multi-shift operations and public spaces alike, EnerSys’ NexSys industrial batteries available from Barclay Brand Ferdon deliver the power necessary to keep you up and running.  Learn more about these convenient batteries to determine if they’re the best option for your equipment.

Watch our video below  to learn more about the benefits of our NexSys industrial batteries.

What Keeps NexSys Ahead of the Pack

Meticulously designed to deliver power to small traction applications, including floor care machines, pallet trucks, shuttle personnel carriers and more, NexSys batteries fuse cutting-edge technology with durable construction. This creates a battery that offers the performance your business deserves while helping to keep maintenance to a minimum.

Next-Level Power

If it’s power you’re after, look no further than NexSys batteries. Each battery features a greater number of plates than many similar industrial batteries, each crafted from thin, 99% pure lead. More plates mean more power, allowing you to knock out even the most demanding tasks without a hassle. The best part? These batteries occupy as much as 30% less space than competing lead calcium batteries for an exceptionally convenient power solution.

More Equipment Uptime

The NexSys battery is designed to keep your equipment running when it matters most. A flexible charging system lets you replenish your NexSys battery whenever it works for you, and its fast-charging performance allows the battery to shoot from 40% power to 80% power in less than an hour to help keep your team in action. Ultimately, this makes for minimal gassing, marking these batteries as an excellent option for sensitive production areas, retail environments and other public spaces. The batteries also support opportunity charging, so you can power them between shifts or after breaks and count on quality performance without achieving a full charge.

Long-Term Durability

Looking for batteries that will stand the test of time? NexSys industrial batteries are built rugged to not only provide next-level shock and vibration resistance, but to ensure a long-lasting shelf life. In fact, the batteries can be stored for up to two years at 77°F – and once you’re ready to get to work, installation is a breeze. While you’re tackling your to-do list, compressed Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) plate separators will help ensure the battery acid is safely contained, even when the battery is installed on its side.

Order Your NexSys Industrial Batteries Today

To outfit your cleaning and material handling equipment with the EnerSys NexSys battery and charger system, reach out to Barclay Brand Ferdon to place an order. Still in the market for new equipment? Browse our selection of forklifts, scissor lifts, burden carriers and more.