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Your Material Handling & Warehouse Specialist
Fully committed to providing the highest in customer service, Barclay provides unique and customizable solutions for your industry challenges.

Material Handling Products in Central and North NJ

For more than 20 years, Barclay Brand Ferdon has served businesses in the material handling industry throughout Central and North New Jersey. Through the years we’ve provided the most durable and technically advanced equipment from globally trusted brands. The premium equipment we represent has kept our clients productive, efficient, and safe. We are equipped to supply a comprehensive, cost effective material handling solution for any application including; dock-to-stock operations, narrow aisle pallet racking configurations and all other unique work environments. Barclay will create a custom plan that achieves and exceeds all daily demands.  

Our Material Handling Products

All operation facilities are very different. They may look alike, however, they are not.  With these diverse applications comes the need for equally diverse warehouse solutions – this is where Barclay Brand Ferdon stands out.

Barclay is strategically located in South Plainfield, NJ. Our facility carries a full line of state-of-the-art material handling products. As we work with clients to understand their business, we evaluate needs and develop a specific detailed configuration that meets the needs of their unique work environment.  

We are fortunate to represent highly respected, reliable and durable equipment.

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Lift Trucks
We offer a variety of lift trucks from brands like Yale, Mariotti, Rico and Sellick, including those for dock-to-stock, narrow or very narrow aisle (VNA), and other specialized applications.
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Warehouse & Storage
Choose from our racking systems, mezzanines, modular walls and offices, and dock equipment to start maximizing your available floor space.
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Aerial & Scissor Lifts
Whether your work takes you 10 or 150 feet into the air, we offer more than 50 different aerial and scissor lift models in a variety of configurations to help you do it safely and efficiently.
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Floor Cleaning
From rider sweepers and scrubbers to combination sweeper/scrubbers to walk-behind units to litter vacuums, Barclay is your complete industrial floor maintenance solution.
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Utility Vehicles
Our selection of utility vehicles includes those from Yale, Taylor-Dunn, and more. These vehicles offer great towing power plus unique functionality to efficiently increase your floor’s productivity levels.
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Batteries & Motive Power
Barclay has strategic business relationships with leading motive power companies. We can provide and support all Lead acid battery technologies, Lithium based batteries and Hydrogen based fuel technology for lift trucks.
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Lift Truck Attachments
Some unique applications may require a special attachment. We have agreements with multiple attachment vendors. This gives us a vast selection of fork positioners, clamps, push/pulls and more. Multiple resources give us the ability to shop the best price for you.

Warehouse Solutions for Any Application

With such a wide selection of material handling options in our catalog, we are able to provide a wide range of ancillary products.  By supplying customers with equipment from industry-leading brands, we enable them to have reliable products for less money. This decreases expenses while accomplishing more on the work floor.  Whatever unique application solution you may need, our material handling product resources can provide it.

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We have been providing material handling expertise throughout North and Central NJ since 1996. Our solutions have been proven to achieve higher productivity levels. From human transport to floor-space optimization, picking and stacking, and all other applications, we use our expertise and vast resources to develop a custom solution for each client. To learn more about how we can benefit your business, contact Barclay Brand Ferdon today to request a no-obligation evaluation and quote.