Battery maintenance is an important factor in prolonging the life of your industrial battery and Barclay has a few easy tips to make maintenance just a little bit easier.

Proper battery maintenance programs should include inspection, charging and fluid levels and safety precautions. These factors can be easily overlooked, but are essential in keeping your industrial battery in its best working condition.

Ways To Improve The Life Of Your Forklift Battery

Correct Charging

Correctly charging your forklift battery is crucial, overcharging or interrupting a charge cycle can significantly shorten battery lifespan and even damage the forklift motor.

Check The WaterLevel

Make it habit to check the water level of your forklift batter after charging because overflow, which is the loss of electrolytes, can take place when the water level is too low. This can cause corrosion to the battery tray and other metal parts.

Keep It Clean

When it comes to any type of equipment, cleanliness is the key to ensuring a long lifespan. Overflow spills should be cleaned up right away using the correct safety gear and procedures to prevent hazardous incidents.

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Proper battery maintenance can be an easy way to ensure the longest lifespan for your forklift battery. Barclay offers a downloadable 2-page recommended Battery Maintenance Program. To learn more about how you can extend your forklift’s battery life, click here.

For battery or charging issues, contact a Barclay representative today to learn about your options!