NexSys Charging Room

NexSys industrial batteries by EnerSys are gaining popularity, and for good reason. These rugged, high-tech powerhouses offer lasting use and are optimized for opportunity charging, making them a smart choice when multiple shifts work around the clock. And while NexSys forklift batteries are as safe as they are reliable, it’s still important to take precautions during charging. Protect your team – and your investment – with these forklift battery charging safety tips from Barclay Brand Ferdon.

The Battery Room

Always charge forklift batteries in a dedicated space designed for safety. The battery room should be located at a distance from general fleet traffic, and all pathways for forklifts should be wide enough to avoid collisions with charging equipment and batteries. Surrounding all charging equipment with protective barriers offers an added level of defense.

NexSys batteries should only be powered with compatible NexSys chargers. Designed with a proprietary fast-charging algorithm, these chargers ensure safe use. When used improperly, incompatible chargers may cause safety hazards and damage to your NexSys batteries.

Because battery charging releases flammable hydrogen gas, proper ventilation is required to help gas dissipate and avoid explosions. Whether indoors or outside, the charging area should keep batteries away from direct sunlight and freezing temperatures. At the same time, batteries should never be exposed to excessive heat, open flames, static, sparks or embers, and smoking should not be permitted in the battery room.

Safety Essentials

While there’s no substitute for proper training, signs that display instructions for battery handling, charger operation and safety procedures should be placed throughout the battery room. Yet even when these precautions are taken, accidents may still occur. The battery room should be outfitted with all equipment necessary to manage leaks, spills, fires and more, including:

NexSys Charging
  • Battery wash stations
  • Battery spill kits
  • Hydrogen gas detectors
  • Eyewash stations
  • Neutralizing materials, such as baking soda or soda ash
  • Goggles, face shields, aprons and other protective clothing
  • Neoprene or rubber gloves

Be sure to keep CO2, foam or dry chemical fire extinguishers available as well. Employees should remove all metal jewelry and avoid clothing with metal parts when charging batteries. And remember: Never touch active battery cells. Doing so can increase the risk of fire and cause dangerous burns.

Make Safe Charging a Priority

As Central and Northern New Jersey’s premier source for material handling equipment, Barclay Brand Ferdon offers EnerSys NexSys chargers to keep your forklift fleet up and running. To learn more about NexSys batteries and safe forklift battery charging, contact us online or call 908-223-8580.

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