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Forklifts are necessary pieces of equipment among many warehouses and distribution facilities – but one size does not always fit all. Factors like landscape, product storage requirements, warehouse layout and more can play a factor in choosing which type of lift truck might be the best for your business. Here, Barclay Brand Ferdon will discuss some different types of lift trucks and terrains to help you pinpoint which may be right for you.

Know Your Space

When shopping for a lift truck, it’s important to keep your facility’s landscape in mind. Familiarizing yourself with the requirements and limitations of the space your machine will be operating in is crucial to making the right choice of equipment. The following are some common aspects of warehouse features you may want to look out for in your workspace:

  • Narrow aisles
  • Uneven ground
  • Tight corners
  • Outdoor terrain
  • Indoor floors

Luckily, in this day and age, forklifts come in all shapes and sizes. Gauging the terrain of your specific workplace can help you deduce what kind of equipment will help provide the best results for your space.

Common Terrain Types and Compatible Lift Trucks

When it comes to lift trucks, not all equipment is built for the same kind of work. Once you have assessed the environment in which your forklift will be put to use, it will be easier to narrow down machines that can offer the best results. Consider the following:

Yale GP50M Pneumatic Tire Forklift

Indoor and Outdoor Use

It’s not uncommon to need a piece of equipment that can work both inside and out. In this circumstance, a pneumatic tire forklift may be the right choice for you. Pneumatic tires offer a strong grip on uneven surfaces and are commonly used in warehouses that need to move materials both indoors and outdoors.

Rocky & Uneven Outdoor Terrain

If you’re looking for a lift truck designed to function exclusively outdoors on potentially harsh, rocky, uneven terrain, a rough terrain forklift may be an ideal fit. This type of truck is specifically built to maneuver on hilly and unstable ground.

Yale Cushion Tire Forklift

Indoor Use Only/Tight Corners

If your site does not require outdoor use, a cushion tire forklift may be a better option for your floors. This type of lift truck is best for smooth surface applications and has an easier time maneuvering tight corners and spaces, as it offers a smaller turning radius.

Mariotti Very Narrow Aisle Forklift

Narrow Aisles

Working between narrow aisles requires compact maneuvering. For this application, a narrow aisle forklift might be the optimal choice. Designed for indoor use on smooth surfaces, this lift truck is ideal for operations like order picking, storing, and retrieving pallets.

Find the Ideal Lift Truck for Your Terrain with Barclay Brand Ferdon

The landscape of your facility plays an important part in picking the right equipment for efficient operations. Luckily, lift trucks and terrain requirements can be easily matched. Whether you’re looking for a forklift exclusively for outdoor use on rough terrain or a machine that can maneuver tight spaces, Barclay Brand Ferdon can help with your search. A trusted name since 1996, Barclay Brand Ferdon offers equipment rentals and warehouse solutions to the Central and Northern New Jersey areas, as well as parts of New York. Contact us today to learn more.