Forklift Telemetry

More and more warehouse managers are relying on lift truck fleet telemetry to help with everyday oversight. It allows them to monitor safety, efficiency and productivity around the entire warehouse—all in the palm of their hand. If you’re interested in integrating telemetry into your operations, Barclay Brand Ferdon offers a few key insights into the process below.

What Is Forklift Telemetry?

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Telemetry is defined as a communications process by which data is collected and wirelessly transmitted to another piece of equipment. In this situation, it means the data from lift trucks can be sent to a manager’s laptop, computer or tablet for review at any time.

When they log on, managers can quickly get all the information they need to keep the warehouse running smoothly. The telemetry system can tell them:

  • When it’s time for individual truck maintenance
  • Information about accident occurrences
  • When employees need to complete their safety training
  • Labor requirements
  • Lift Truck Utilization – fleet “right sizing”
  • And more

Essentially, telemetry gives managers the data they need to streamline and improve their operation in a simple and convenient way.

Benefits of Forklift Telemetry

What Is Telemetry

Telemetry systems help managers be proactive about things going on around the warehouse. If it’s almost time for a lift truck’s regular maintenance, they can schedule it proactively to prevent additional repairs and downtime. Similarly, if an employee isn’t practicing proper safety procedures while operating a machine, they can intervene with additional training before an accident happens.

Other benefits of a lift truck fleet telemetry system include:

  • Maximize Productivity
  • Gives easy access to data at any time, so managers are always informed
  • Makes it easier to uphold safety and maintenance standards
  • Helps maximize ROI of your assets
  • Works with almost any lift truck
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Yale Telemetry Systems

At Barclay, we offer the Yale Vision telemetry system. Even though it’s designed by Yale, it’s compatible with all OEM brands of lift trucks as well. It is an option on new Lift Trucks or can be added to an existing fleet.

For electric lift trucks, fleet owners should consider industrial battery telemetry. Yale® Battery Vision is a solution that offers insight to better care for your batteries, an often overlooked but expensive asset. By having access to data, batteries can be monitored for better performance and longer life.

Improve Warehouse Efficiency Today

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Whether you have 10 lift trucks or 100, adding telemetry will assist in managing your fleet to maximize productivity, improve safety and increase ROI. Contact Barclay Brand Ferdon and ask about getting lift truck fleet telemetry for your warehouse to take advantage of this powerful technology. Learn about all the ways we can help to drive efficiency today!