Yale Telemetrics

With considerable advancements seen in technology, businesses are moving towards better data to maximize efficiency and maintain a competitive edge. Telemetry systems for lift trucks offer effortless access to immediate data that directly displays information to warehouse managers in order to maintain fleets better than ever before. There are many benefits for a warehouse that implements a telemetry system to track data and manage fleet equipment.

Applying a data-driven system to a forklift fleet creates the necessary communication between machines and managers to optimize fleet & labor requirements as well as improve safety. Operator safety training, accident occurrences and pre-safety checks can all be monitored through the system to assure better discipline and safety practices.  Having a fleet that is constantly monitored can also provide the insight necessary to lower maintenance while improving uptime.

When managers are able to obtain direct information from fleet data it allows for enhanced and proactive decisions. Improved data can reduce driver and equipment idle time by enabling managers to determine the right mix and size of their forklift fleet.  Maintenance intervals can be based on actual lift truck usage as opposed to a calendar driven schedule.  Good data thru telemetry can reduce overall fleet maintenance costs by assuring the proper maintenance is being done based on factory recommended intervals.  Performing timely planned maintenance can have a major impact on fleet uptime.

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