Turret Cab

If your business operates in cold or freezer storage warehouses, you’re familiar with the unique challenges this work presents. As downtime in a freezer environment can be especially costly, any issues that arise must be met with a swift and efficient solution. That’s exactly what one of our clients – a popular food manufacturer based in New Jersey – learned when they encountered a challenge with their freezer space. Here’s a closer look at how Barclay Brand Ferdon solved their problem with a Yale Man-Up Turret Truck with a Heated Operator Cab.

Our Client’s Challenge

Turret Cab Sliding Door

After experiencing issues with the products of two previous brands and becoming unsatisfied with the local service and support they received, our then-prospective client reached out to us for help. They sought a lift truck that could operate in a freezer with tight 70” aisles, as well as not interfere with maximizing storage space within the freezer. With the high price per foot for NJ real estate, this requirement was nonnegotiable.

In addition, the equipment had to be able to withstand temperatures between -4 and 18 degrees Fahrenheit. Typically, a man-up very narrow aisle (VNA) turret truck is the optimal solution. However, due to the unique challenges freezers and cold storage environments present to this type of equipment, it can often be difficult for lift equipment manufacturers to build a product that can hold up and offer dependability. That’s when Barclay Brand Ferdon recommended a reputable brand.

Delivering the Right Solution

Turret Cab Fully Insulated to -40
Turret with Heated Operator Cab

We first walked our client through their options when it came to the right equipment for a freezer storage operation. When we suggested the new Yale Man-Up Turret Truck with a Heated Operator Cab, they immediately became excited about its benefits. Familiar with the brand, this food manufacturing company had been using Yale Reach Trucks and other models throughout their facility and felt positive about moving forward with this new piece of equipment.

Since they were also confident in our customer service, support, and the strong relationship they had formed with us, our client easily came to the decision that this was the right solution. By completing their materials-handling fleet with the Yale Man-Up Turret Truck with a Heated Operator Cab, the company didn’t have to compromise their freezer storage space or search for additional, costly square footage. Plus, the truck proved it could handle the frigid conditions while keeping operators warm and productive throughout the day. The unique features of this Operator Cab was a huge plus.


Features of the Turret Truck’s Heated Operator Cab

Turret Cab 1000 watt heater with optional defroster

Barclay Brand Ferdon explained to our food-manufacturing client the well thought out attributes of this heated operator cab, which were a very strong factor in their decision. Aside from the industry-leading features of the Yale Turret Truck, the heated cab offered:

  • Fully Insulated Cab to -40 degrees (photo)
  • Cab Door Easily Slides to Rear (photo)
  • Two Front Emergency Exit Doors (photo)
  • 1,000-watt Heater with Thermostat and Optional Defroster (photo)
  • Double Glazed Glass with Sealed Air Gap for Insulation – Energy Efficient
  • Fully Carpeted Cab Walls
  • LED Lighting
  • RF Terminal Bracket & Wiring
  • Intercom System

Yale Man-Up Turret Truck Design

  • 180° rotating turret head: By rotating 180°, the turret truck head can easily access both sides of an aisle, maximizing any facility’s storage density.
  • Compact design: Fitting easily into space-tight aisles, the storage layout can be even denser when using this turret truck.
  • 3,000- to 3,500-lb. load capacity: With such a high load capacity, workers can move more product in less time, meaning greater gains for the company.
  • Thermal management system: Select models automatically monitor internal temperatures and adjust their performance accordingly. Not only will the trucks run cooler and longer, but users can stay warm while they work.
  • AC hoist system: Offering unbeatable mast stability, turret truck operators can quickly raise or lower the hoist using the joystick.
  • Seat-side joystick controls: This ergonomic design allows simultaneous control over the truck’s multi-directional motion while a single push button helps with synchronized fork control.

Find Your Freezer Storage Solution

If your company utilizes freezer storage warehousing, Barclay Brand Ferdon is here to help. Since 1996, we’ve been assisting businesses in significantly increasing space, improving productivity and solving unique materials storage and handling challenges. To learn more about how this man-up turret truck can benefit your company, contact us today by calling 908-223-8580 or visit us online to request a free quote.