Barclay Helps You Spot Safety

When it comes to operating heavy-duty equipment such as terminal tractors (yard spotters), operator training is the key to ensuring safety, which is why Barclay offers Basic “Terminal Tractor” Operator Training.
Beginning with the basics is the first step in ensuring that operators fully understand the equipment prior to actually operating it. Terminal tractors are considered “Powered Industrial Trucks” by OSHA, making the training a requirement to operate the heavy-duty equipment.

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Blue Light: Blazing The Trail For Safety

Here at Barclay, we pride ourselves on promoting the highest level of workplace safety through our OSHA compliant safety training programs and safety equipment.
While we are well aware that OSHA holds employers accountable for maintaining a safe and healthful work environment, we believe that employee safety is a shared responsibility, to be accomplished through safety awareness and diligence by all employees.

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Safety Tip of the Week

It is very important that only the operator rides in the seat of the forklift. There should be no other passengers on the forks or anywhere else. Also keep hands and feet inside the forklift at all times, as a lowered mast could sever hands, OUCH!

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Safeguard Your Most Valuable Assets with OSHA Training

The release of OSHA’s Top 10 Safety Violations of 2013 comes as a reminder that your employees are your most valuable assets in the material handling industry.
When it comes to the safety of your employees, trust Barclay with the task at hand. We offer a variety of customized material handling safety training courses and consultations to better understand the specific safety needs of our customers.

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