Here at Barclay, we pride ourselves on promoting the highest level of workplace safety through our OSHA compliant safety training programs and safety equipment.

While we are well aware that OSHA holds employers accountable for maintaining a safe and healthful work environment, we believe that employee safety is a shared responsibility, to be accomplished through safety awareness and diligence by all employees.

Barclay’s LED Spotlight

Aside from offering a number of OSHA approved safety-training programs, Barclay offers a wide selection of equipment to improve warehouse safety, now including the LED Spotlight. 

A visual warning device that has proven to be more effective than the average acoustic warning device, the LED Spotlight is a safety warning light that projects a beam of blue or red light onto the floor, ahead of the piece of equipment it is attached to, to give pedestrians a visual warning of the forthcoming equipment. 

This safety warning light is equipped with two long-lasting LED bulbs, and promotes greater awareness in warehouse spaces where noise can cancel out the warnings from sirens and alarms. 

Unaffected by shocks or vibrations, this warning light is perfect for the, at times, rugged warehouse environment. Dust resistant and temporarily impermeable to water, the LED Blue Spot Light is built to last and includes a number of durable features:

  • High Strength Plastic Housing
  • Universal Mount
  • Spot Beam Pattern
  • Low Current Draw
  • UV-resistant Polycarbonate Lens
  • Two Energy-Efficient LED lights
  • Easy Attachment To Overhead Guard 

Contact us today to learn more about the LED Spotlight and the rest of Barclay’s safety equipment and training courses.