Yale electric forklift

Debunking Electric Forklift Myths

Some equipment is essential for warehouses and similar workplaces, and forklifts are among them. Forklifts make it quick and easy to get your products where they need to go. But what kind of forklift should you choose — gas-powered or electric? Some businesses may select the former due to misconceptions about electric forklifts. However, this equipment offers many of the same benefits as gas-powered options, plus several unique advantages.

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An Indoor Electric Truck for the Outdoors

New Yale ERP Bridges the Gap between Outdoor Internal Combustion Applications & Indoor Electric Applications.
Yale® Materials Handling Corporation is proud to announce the introduction of our new pneumatic tire, electric rider lift truck. The Yale ERP045-070VL bridges the gap between outdoor internal combustion engine applications and indoor electric applications. This truck provides a “Zero Emissions” alternative for 4,500-7,000 pound capacity indoor and outdoor applications.

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